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Attack-driven defense
A presentation with some good notes on how to approach application security at an organization.
18 days ago
Choose The Best Clothing Colors For Your Skin Tone • Effortless Gent
A good reference for when I'm buying clothes for other people and I need to think about how things'll look on them.
4 weeks ago
Cloud Design Patterns | Microsoft Docs
In Azure documentation, but generic and well-written explanations of common architecture patterns for cloud computing.
cloud  architecture 
4 weeks ago
Home · wushujames/mysql-cdc-projects Wiki
List of projects that will let you do replication from MySQL to Kafka.
mysql  data-pipeline 
7 weeks ago
Palo Alto council votes to donate water rights to East Palo Alto, Tanaka objects - Palo Alto Daily Post
In another article: "East Palo Alto, with a population of 30,545, receives 1.963 million gallons of water each day. By comparison, Mountain View, with a population of 78,000, gets 13.46 million gallons per day, according to Mountain View’s Public Works Department."
8 weeks ago
mortenjust/cleartext-mac: A text editor that will help you write clearer and simpler
A text editor that only allows the 1,000 most common words in English
writing  tools 
8 weeks ago
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