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The Church Of the SubGenius Finally Plays It Straight
After nearly forty years as one of the most charming put-ons to hit the counterculture, SubGenius founder Ivan Stang and filmmaker Sandy K. Boone reveal the true story of the long con.
texasmonthly  subgenius  2017-10 
november 2017 by xr
How President Trump Has Ruined Comedy
On the day that I started writing this article, I count seven pieces of content on the front page of Cracked which are explicitly political, and two which directly mention President Trump in the title and feature him in the thumbnail. In 2017, under my leadership as the Creative Director of Video, Content Development, and Espionage, we launched two new shows to cover the current administration: the short-lived After The Trump and the still-living Some News. We have always (always) talked about politics on this site, but we did not have equivalent content during either the Obama or Bush administrations. That is definitely true. On that score, we have changed.
2017-10  cracked  politics  trump 
october 2017 by xr
Equifax Deserves the Corporate Death Penalty | WIRED
Equifax's failure calls for the corporate death penalty, through a rare but vital procedure called judicial dissolution.  wired  2017-10 
october 2017 by xr
Stephen Sondheim, Theater’s Greatest Lyricist - The New York Times
Lin-Manuel Miranda speaks to the man who has consistently remade the American musical over his 60-year career — and who is trying to surprise us one more time.
interviews  2017-10  nytimes  theater 
october 2017 by xr
Why Terence Trent D'Arby became Sananda Maitreya: 'It was that or death' | Music | The Guardian
In 1987, his debut album saw him hailed as a rival to Michael Jackson and Prince – but then his star crashed and burned. He talks about the nervous breakdown that triggered his identity change, living as a recluse and the music industry’s ‘Olympian’ conspiracy to bring him down
music  theguardian  2017-10  interviews 
october 2017 by xr

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