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SLOTH is slow TV from IFC, with a slightly off twist. Throw it on in the background of your next party, or just sit back and zone out.
tv  slowtv  ambient 
5 weeks ago by xr
Moon Phase Radio
Moon Phase Radio brings to you commercial free Ambient music 24 hrs a day.

MPR commenced broadcasting on 1st January 2010. With our high capacity European server Moon Phase Radio serves Planet Earth and beyond.

Our Ambient music is a great way of distancing  yourself from this busy planet and experiencing the calm of Mare Tranquillitatis.
music  streaming  ambient 
april 2018 by xr
Echoes of Bluemars - Music For the Space Traveler
In attempts to reestablish communication with the lost Bluemars fleet, an echo of past transmissions was found. Retransmitting signals from years ago, these echoes give us a glimpse into the past.

Choose a stream and enjoy the ambiance.
music  streaming  ambient 
april 2018 by xr
Ambience for the Masses
The Ambient Music Archive of all the music that  I  love so very much.   It's brimming over with more than enough sound, graphics and textual information to satisfy your multimedian lusts.  
(Or at least I could say so in the mid 90's.)
music  ambient 
april 2018 by xr
PRI: Echoes Interviews by PRI on Apple Podcasts
A weekly interview from Echoes, the soundscape of ambient, new acoustic and world fusion music on public radio and on-line.
podcasts  music  ambient 
june 2017 by xr
The Man Who Recorded, Tamed and Then Sold Nature Sounds to America | Atlas Obscura
A forgotten 1970s-era hippie polymath named Irv Teibel created the "soothing" vibe of the great outdoors.
atlasobscura  2016-04  irvteibel  ambient  audio 
november 2016 by xr
Cover Story: Natural Selection | Features | Pitchfork
Before Irv Teibel, listening to nature meant leaving the house. Here’s the story of the man who brought the rain, thunder, and crickets to your stereo, one satisfied, relaxed customer at a time.
pitchfork  ambient  audio  irvteibel 
november 2016 by xr
Sleeping Dragon Forever Radio by Ross Fish
A demonstration of my newest generative music software. Available for free download now at:
ambient  audio  generators 
june 2016 by xr
Welcome to - an oasis of calm in your otherwise hectic day.
ambient  audio  streaming  birds  nature 
june 2016 by xr
a.m. ambient | music for Waking Up, Focusing, Meditation & Relaxation
Internet radio station streaming bright, fog-busting, ambient music for the day time!

by the makers of Ambient Sleeping Pill
music  streaming  ambient 
june 2015 by xr
A series of mixes intended for listening while programming to aid concentration and increase productivity (also compatible with other activities).
music  mixes  podcasts  ambient 
may 2015 by xr
myNoise Audio Tracks
myNoise albums are mixed and mastered to the highest quality standards. The original high-resolution source recordings are used during mix-down, ensuring the best sound quality.
mynoise  ambient  audio 
july 2014 by xr
Listen to relaxing music, ambient atmospheres and astonishing sound effects. Just click on an image below to start chilling. If you want, you can even create your own atmospheric sound mix, online and for free. Every audio template can be easily edited for your own needs. Here is a short video explaining some of our features.
ambient  audio  music 
january 2014 by xr
Loooooong videos
Train rides, crackling fireplaces, shots of the earth from space... /r/SlowTV is for longform ambient videos ten minutes or longer.
reddit  ambient  video 
january 2014 by xr
Zendesk - FM3 Buddha Machine Wall
The Buddha Machine is a small plastic box that plays meditative music composed by Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian.

The wall was inspired by Sam Poh Buddhist Temple in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.
ambient  music  soundgenerators  backgroundsound 
december 2013 by xr
Arcade Ambience Project
As a child of the 80s, I will never forget the feeling of walking into a crowded arcade -- the sounds, smells, excitement, etc. This page is dedicated to recreating the audio portion of that experience in the form of a long, non-looping ambient audio track.
audio  games  history  mp3  ambient  backgroundsound  1980s  arcades 
november 2013 by xr
Classic Ambient - Songza
In the '70s and '80s, pioneering artists from the worlds of jazz, classical, rock, and electronic music fashioned ethereal sonic landscapes ideal for a fostering a meditative state. Decompress with these essential cuts from ambient's early trailblazers.
songza  music  playlists  ambient 
november 2013 by xr
This is an ambient / haunted music podcast curated by Warren Ellis, who is a writer from England.
music  podcasts  warrenellis  ambient  mixes 
october 2013 by xr
Electronic Study: Ambient - Songza
Take a break from the dancefloor and enjoy these trippy, atmospheric tracks made for the chillout room. Cool down and relax with no distracting lyrics or vocals.
music  songza  ambient  playlists  instrumental  electronic 
october 2013 by xr

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