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Fading Ad Campaign
Ghost signs, ghost ads, phantoms, vintage mural advertisements, whatever you call them- fading ads are metaphors for survival.
advertising  vintage  photography 
june 2016 by xr
Scout's Atomic Flash
Cyber-collector of early-to-mid 20th Century cultural imagery and artifacts.
tumblr  ephemera  vintage  imageflood 
july 2014 by xr
Retro Advertising
Vintage advertisements from the 1899 to 1999.
tumblr  advertising  vintage  imageflood 
july 2014 by xr
letterheady –adjective 1. overcome by a strong emotion due to a letterhead design.
design  typography  vintage  letterheads  tumblr  blogs 
may 2014 by xr
New Old Stock
Vintage photos from the public archives, free of known copyriht restrictions
free  images  vintage  tumblr 
january 2014 by xr
Music for Biscuits
A page about an album of commercial jingles shouldn't be this sad.

Album on Spotify:
music  ephemera  advertising  trunkrecords  jingles  vintage  soundtracks  librarymusic  jonnytrunk 
november 2013 by xr
Vintage Disneyland Tickets
This blog is about the grand history of Disneyland Tickets. Also tickets and goodies from Knott's Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, Walt Disney World and more...
blogs  disney  vintage  ephemera  themeparks  disneyland  tickets 
november 2013 by xr
Lemonade Stand (1979) (Apple) : Apple Computer : Free Streaming : Internet Archive
Lemonade Stand is a basic economics game created in 1973 by Bob Jamison of the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium. Charlie Kellner ported the game to the Apple II platform in February 1979. Throughout the 1980s Apple Computer included Lemonade Stand (along with other software) with the purchase of their systems.
games  vintage  apple  internetarchive  1970s 
october 2013 by xr
Free Vintage Posters, Vintage Travel Posters, Wall Art, Printables is a 100% free posters, free printables resource. We offer hundreds of high quality printable posters in advertising, travel, food/drink, art, movies, westerns, military, magic and much more. These posters are perfect inspiration and research for designers and graphic artists.
design  art  vintage  posters  free 
october 2013 by xr
hi-res vintage images, paper ephemeras - ads, photos, illustrations, articles, whatever i capture or scan or find on the web (btw expect a lot of space related stuff)
images  ephemera  vintage  tumblr  imageflood 
october 2013 by xr

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