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1984 EPCOT Advanced Information System - YouTube
EPCOT Advanced Information System is a film describing the development of the WorldKey Information System. The film was released in August of 1984. The WorldKey Information System was a precursor to search, reservation, and communication systems used by programs such as Google Search, OpenTable, and FaceTime. The system used fibre optic cabling, laser discs, touch screens, and video conferencing all which were cutting-edge technology at the time. Many of the helpful features in the WorldKey Information System are now handled by the "My Disney Experience" app for mobile devices. The WorldKey system was used at EPCOT Center from 1982 until March 21, 1999.

Disney A to Z (
Educational film about the development of the WorldKey Information System from concept to completion; released in August 1984.
epcot  1980s  1984  video  youtube  disney  computers 
10 weeks ago by xr
Watch YouTube & Vimeo videos frame by frame | Watch Frame by Frame
Watch YouTube and Vimeo videos frame by frame and in slow motion
video  tools  vimeo  youtube  slomo 
12 weeks ago by xr
Price is Right Music Cue Compilation - YouTube
A collection of my favorite Price is Right music cues set to classic clips from the show. Great for putting on at parties or just ambient enjoyment. At some point I may make a more edited version of this.
music  tv  gameshows  youtube 
october 2017 by xr
Multi-image slide show demo - YouTube
Here is a three projector multi image slideshow that is all about - multi image slideshows! Produced in the 1980's, it explains to the audience the rationale for multi-image vs other media - namely film and video. It itself is a really nice example of a multi-image show - it packs about as much action as is possible with three projectors. You are watching the slideshow from a viewpoint behind the projectors. In this way you can see where the images are coming from, and how the projectors are programmed to create the presentation.
youtube  presentations  deadmedia  multiimage  slideshows  video 
october 2015 by xr
Extracts the audio from videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and many more sites and sends it to Huffduffer.
audio  podcasts  video  youtube  bookmarklets  tools 
september 2015 by xr
CBS Digital & Star Trek The Next Generation Restoration (FXguide TV, Episode 161) - YouTube
A very interesting look at the HD-restoration of "Star Trek - The Next Generation", also a case study in remastering a TV show edited in SD video resolution back then to HD resolution.  youtube  fx  tng  startrek  2013-01 
september 2015 by xr
A Mother’s Journey Through the Unnerving Universe of ‘Unboxing’ Videos -
Her most popular clip to date has the abstruse but keyword-dense title “Angry Birds Toy Surprise Jake and the Never Land Pirates Disney Pixar Cars 2 Easter Egg SpongeBob.” At last check, it had garnered more than 90 million hits. To put that into perspective: It’s as if every child under age 5 in the United States has seen it. Four times. This past July, DisneyCollector’s YouTube channel became the most-watched one in the United States.  nytimes  youtube  2014-08  video 
august 2014 by xr
Turbo Encabulator
For a number of years now work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived idea of a transmission that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters. Such an instrument is the turbo encabulator.
fakes  funny  industrialfilms  parody  technobabble  turboencabulators  video  youtube 
july 2014 by xr
1984 computer store display CED videodisc - YouTube
Right before RCA gave up on the CED format there were a few non-consumer applications in the works for it. This super-rare disc appears to be made for a computer store kiosk that never existed, showing promotional bits for computers, equipment and software of the era.
computers  youtube  marketing  ephemera  apple  demos  1980s  videodiscs  industrialfilms  commercials  video 
january 2014 by xr
1979 GMC Truck Action Theater laserdisc - YouTube
This was on the 'dead side' of a DiscoVision movie- the first laserdiscs instead of having things like the 'turtle' sides on unused disc sides, would have a random disc side slapped on them since every disc needed to have 2 physical sides, then it was coated to render it unplayable. This coating can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol. Usually these end up being a side to another DiscoVision title, but sometimes you can find stuff like this- General Motors used laserdiscs for sales training and promotion starting in 1979. The first segment is unique since it has the music isolated on the right channel. Many of them have English on the left and Spanish on the right. I transferred this one to DVD since the laserdisc's coding is non-standard and won't play on the later players- it did play on my 1984 top-loading player.
Features some fabulous library music.
youtube  1970s  trucks  gm  ephemera  eyeh8nbc  laserdiscs  librarymusic  gmc  marketing  industrialfilms  video 
january 2014 by xr
Boards Of Italia - YouTube
Boards of Italia are an Italian electronic music duo consisting of brothers Mario Sandicci and Luigi Sandicci.
boardsofcanada  supermariobros  pastiche  youtube  music 
january 2014 by xr
Robert Abel & Associates 1982 Demo Reel - YouTube
Effects demo reel circa 1982 from Robert Abel & Associates. Includes creepy Nimslo 3D camera commercial!
youtube  robertabel  1980s  animation  cgi  fx  commercials  demos  video 
january 2014 by xr
Tears For Ullman - They Don't Know - YouTube
What happens when you play a record at the wrong speed? Sometimes something magical.
music  1980s  youtube 
november 2013 by xr
Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors - The Impossible Level - YouTube
This is the impossible level, boys. Impossible doesn't mean very difficult, very difficult is winning the Nobel Prize, impossible is eating the sun...

via ("Still the best cameo in videogame history"), retweeted by Penn Jillette]
games  loureed  pennandteller  youtube  video 
october 2013 by xr
Atari 800 in store demo
When I was in high school the Atari 800 had just come out. Back then this demo was the most inspiring thing ever! I would look at this demo and think computers were going to change the world. How I could imagine all that from this demo is hard to fathom I guess but I did.

It was one of the first Atari demos to show 128 colors on the screen (the beginning logo) and that was actually good music for a computer back then.
1980s  computers  atari  youtube  demos  video 
october 2013 by xr

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