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Making AI Work with Small Data | IndustryWeek
# Synthetic data generation
## GANs, variational autoencoders, domain randomization and data augmentation can be used to do this
# Transfer learning
# Self-supervised learning
# few-shot learning
## reformulating problem to help the AI system to learn an easier, less data hungry inspection task while achieving the same goal
One-shot learning
# anomaly detection
## flag anything that deviates significantly from the OK images as a potential problem.
# Hand-coded knowledge
# Human-in-the-loop
## AI shows something to a human expert and defers to their judgement when not sure
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4 days ago
CoderzColumn : Blog - Memory Management in Python (Garbage Collection)
# There are 3 ways to decrease the reference count of an object:
Using del statement
Assigning None to a variable name.
Pointing reference variable to some other object.

so use:
del x
memory  management  python  free  malloc  del  jupyter  notebook  notebooks 
8 days ago
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