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Verizon to Sell Tumblr to Owner - WSJ
"The Tumblr acquisition is the largest ever in terms of price and head count for Automattic"
automattic  tumblr  news  wsj  wall  street  journal  2019  201908 
september 2019
Continuous ECG Monitor
Over 4 million Americans experience heart arrhythmia symptoms that may include shortness of breadth, fainting, and in extreme cases an unexpected loss of heart function.
wearable  health  holter  openholter  open  ecg  ekg  heart  sensor 
september 2019
What Are The Most Exciting Trends In AI In 2019?
1. Maturation of the Tooling Ecosystem
2. Training Data
3. Explainability
4. Model Management, Performance and Monitoring
5. Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
ai  artificial  intelligence  trend  trends  2019  forbes  quora  article 
september 2019
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