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What’s New in Chrome Browser (Cloud Next '19) - YouTube
* 84 % of people work on virtual environments at least part of the time
* Remote work is the norm for about 70% of traditional information workers
* Browser is easier to troubleshoot
* Help desk turn around time is much faster
* productivity increases with a web solution
google  cloud  next  19  2019  future  of  work  remote  distributed  stats  statistic  statics 
december 2019 by yencarnacion
Why Tech Giants Are So Desperate to Provide Your Voice Assistant
Voice assistants represent the third key UI and technology platform shift of the past three decades, following the web in the 1990’s and smartphones about 10 years ago.
hbr  harvard  business  review  voice  era  alexa  google  assistant  2019 
october 2019 by yencarnacion
Verizon to Sell Tumblr to Owner - WSJ
"The Tumblr acquisition is the largest ever in terms of price and head count for Automattic"
automattic  tumblr  news  wsj  wall  street  journal  2019  201908 
september 2019 by yencarnacion
What Are The Most Exciting Trends In AI In 2019?
1. Maturation of the Tooling Ecosystem
2. Training Data
3. Explainability
4. Model Management, Performance and Monitoring
5. Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
ai  artificial  intelligence  trend  trends  2019  forbes  quora  article 
september 2019 by yencarnacion
Multimillonario impacto del turismo interno | El Nuevo Día
Pg 60 of 20190714 endi has top 14 attractions in PR chosen by locals:
#1 Gozalandia en San Sebastian
#2 Cueva del Indio en Arecibo
#3 Globo Aerostatico de Jayuya
#4 El Manantial de Vega Baja
#5 Los Cayos de Salinas
#6 Las Paylas en Luquillo
#7 Playa Flamenco en Culebra
#8 Bahia Luminicente en La Parguera, Lajas
#9 Toro Verde en Orocovis
#10 Casa Bacardi en Catano
#11 Viejo San Juan
#12 El Yunque en Rio Grande
#13 Bioluminicencia en Laguna Grande Fajardo
#14 Bioluminicencia en Bahia Mosquito Vieques
pr  puerto  rico  tourism  local  top  attractions  things  to  do  endi  201907  2019  201914  internal 
july 2019 by yencarnacion
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