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Everything You NEED to Know Before Placing a Trade (assuming you don't want to fail as a trader) - YouTube
Need a template/checklist for trading a stock
* need the full details (news) - what is the fundamental catalist
* RVOL - Relative Volatility
* above of below VWAP
* Average True Range (ATR)
* Average Volume
* Long Term Chart
* Major ETF Strengh
* tape confirmation
* short interest
* stock float - how many shares are available to trade
* institutional ownership
* where is the S&P
* where you are right or wrong on a trade
* two day VWAP
* entry stop target - plan your exit before you trade whether right or wrong
* gap percentage
* who is in control - how is the stock trending
* what kind of trade? playbook, pullback, breakout, scalp, trade to hold
* time of day - open, middle, close
* how far has the stock come?
* anchored vwap for swing trading
* how many of important banks are covering - is there room for upgrades
* percentage of volume of bid/offer
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november 2019 by yencarnacion

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