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What happens when you quit Facebook? More time with friends and family. Less political knowledge — and less partisanship. A small boost in mood and life satisfaction. And, on average, an extra hour a day of downtime. That’s according to a new study, the most comprehensive to date, by Matthew Gentzkow, senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.
your  brain  on  facebook  what  happens  effect  effects  when  you  quit  quitting  research  nytimes  linkedin  study  ny  times  new  york 
january 2019 by yencarnacion
Top 5 Data Analytics Trends in 2019 | LinkedIn
1. Self-Service Business Intelligence
2. Analytics & Actions Synchronized
Accessing data and insight is one thing, but making it readily actionable is another. Another important trend for 2019 is the use of ‘Insight Platforms’: the name given to platforms that place analytics, insights and actions in the same place in order to close the data-insight-action loop.
Or as Forrester states: “Insight platforms unify the technologies to manage and analyze data, test and integrate the derived insights into business action, and capture feedback for continuous improvement.”
3. Storytelling Data
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Data Ethics
2019  data  science  trends  trend  linkedin  article  post  analytics 
december 2018 by yencarnacion
10 Digital Roles You Will Need to Recruit for – sooner than you would think | LinkedIn
1. Cybersecurity Lawyer
2. Data Privacy or Protection Consultant
3. Data analytics professionals
4. Software developers
5. API Product Managers
6. Nanotechnology Engineers
7. Industrial Designers
8. Specialized Salespeople
9. Digital Marketing Specialist
10. Mobile Marketing Specialist
job  jobs  skill  skills  trends  linkedin  article  2018  role  roles 
december 2018 by yencarnacion
Are Micro-products the Future of Ecommerce? | LinkedIn
less friction (easier to complete a transaction)
niche products (so as to not stray into amazon's crosshairs)
future  of  ecommerce  article  linkedin  2018 
december 2018 by yencarnacion

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