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cost ~150k; can withstand cat 4 hurricane; can be shipped where a container can be shipped
on Launchpad (siriusxm) 2018-10-17
California, Texas, and Nevada.
You can put a Kasita anywhere you could build a traditional home or accessory dwelling unit (ADU).
tiny  house  home  container  rv  modular  tinyhouse  backyard  roof  office  airbnb  mass  produced  siriusxm  launchpad  cat  4  hurricane  venture  backed  startup 
november 2018 by yencarnacion
Welcome - 2GoStorage Mini-Almacen Movil | Puerto Rico
Pequeño 99.99
Mediano 139.99
Grrande 189.99
Mover el storage (cada vez) 89.99
storage  trailer  portable  mini  kiosk  pr  puerto  rico  office  mobile 
march 2018 by yencarnacion

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