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Splunk Inc (SPLK) Q2 2020 Earnings Call Transcript
According to IDC by 2025 the average person will interact with the connected device nearly 5,000 times per day. Further there'll be a 175 zettabytes of data, five times more than today, and 90% of this data will require some level of security, but less than half will actually be secured. The future is clear, data represents the biggest opportunity, and the biggest threat to businesses, governments and frankly to humanity.
idc  big  data  splunk  security  growth 
october 2019 by yencarnacion
Hackers Find Celebrities’ Weak Links in Their Vendor Chains - The New York Times
The vast majority of breaches -- 80 percent by some estimates -- stem from a supplier or vendor, according to RiskVision, a risk intelligence company.
security  article  new  york  times  nyt  nytimes  pen  test  penetration  testing  pentest  hack  hacking  hacker  black  hat  white  bitocin  ransom 
may 2017 by yencarnacion

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