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(1) Top Senior Trader on what it takes to become a successful trader - YouTube
* study trading psychology
* study decicion making
* review your trades
trading  advise  youtube  smb  trade  day  video 
november 2019 by yencarnacion
Everything You NEED to Know Before Placing a Trade (assuming you don't want to fail as a trader) - YouTube
Need a template/checklist for trading a stock
* need the full details (news) - what is the fundamental catalist
* RVOL - Relative Volatility
* above of below VWAP
* Average True Range (ATR)
* Average Volume
* Long Term Chart
* Major ETF Strengh
* tape confirmation
* short interest
* stock float - how many shares are available to trade
* institutional ownership
* where is the S&P
* where you are right or wrong on a trade
* two day VWAP
* entry stop target - plan your exit before you trade whether right or wrong
* gap percentage
* who is in control - how is the stock trending
* what kind of trade? playbook, pullback, breakout, scalp, trade to hold
* time of day - open, middle, close
* how far has the stock come?
* anchored vwap for swing trading
* how many of important banks are covering - is there room for upgrades
* percentage of volume of bid/offer
trading  learn  learning  advise  day  trade  trader  before  pro  professional  professionals  smb  capital  template  checklist  youtube  preparation  due  diligence 
november 2019 by yencarnacion
Day Trading: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Trading - Part 1 (SMB Trader Ryan) - YouTube
* get a mentor
* learn to code
* trade with real money
* it's emotional
* it's lonely
* requires discipline
* it's not for people who need security
* have to be accountable
* trading full time is very different from trading part time
* pre-plan trades (it this happens then trade that)
* be comfortable being uncomfortable - always be learning new things
--- (part 01) (part 02) (part 03) (part 04)
learn  learning  advise  day  trade  trader  trading  wish  they  knew  before  pro  professional  professionals  smb  capital 
november 2019 by yencarnacion
Trader Psychology: Every Elite Trader Has These Six Qualities With Dr. Brett Steenbarger - YouTube
1) Capacity for sustained focus (either fast thinkers (pattern recognition) or deep thinkers (synthesize a lot of information) (trader vs investor) (traders correlate with gaming)
2) Originality and Creativity (look at different information or look at information differently)
3) Learned from Mentors
4) Emotional Resilience
5) Attention to detail (ability to reduce idea into practice - idea is not enough - success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration)
6) Always working to improve their game (always involved in Research and Development)
research  smb  capital  trading  day  trader  elite  traders  trait  traits  characteristics  success  strengths 
november 2019 by yencarnacion

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