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HOWTO: Linksys SPA-3102/Sipura SPA-3000 + FreePBX | FreePBX
disallow=all ;Starting with FreePBX 2.4 this must be the first statement in the peer settings
context=from-trunk ; this is needed here - very important.
dtmfmode=rfc2833 ; you can try inband if you have problems accessing your IVR menus
host=dynamic ; or you may use host= followed by a static IP address, SEE NOTE BELOW
nat=never ; if Sipura is not on your local network you may need nat=yes
port=5061 ; we use port 5061 rather than 5060
secret=XXXXXX ; pick a good password
username=1-pstn ; must match the trunk name or registration may fail.
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june 2014 by yencarnacion

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