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(42) Arnold Schwarzenegger - 5 Minutes For The NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE - YouTube
Things are impossible until someone does it - Nelson Mandela

# you have to work your ass off
# you have to have a clear vision
# you have to be brave/tough
# you have to have discipline
# never think small/think big
# ignore the naysayers
# you only fail if you fall and you don get back up

# the secret: find your vision and follow it
arnold  schwarzenegger  youtube  video  secret  to  success  inspiration  inspirational  advise  tip  find  finding  your  vision  goal 
december 2019 by yencarnacion
What happens when you quit Facebook? More time with friends and family. Less political knowledge — and less partisanship. A small boost in mood and life satisfaction. And, on average, an extra hour a day of downtime. That’s according to a new study, the most comprehensive to date, by Matthew Gentzkow, senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.
your  brain  on  facebook  what  happens  effect  effects  when  you  quit  quitting  research  nytimes  linkedin  study  ny  times  new  york 
january 2019 by yencarnacion
Yext | The Digital Knowledge Management Platform
Featured on August 1, 2018 on siriusxm 132 wharton business radio Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerburg
dkm  digital  knowledge  management  manage  single  source  of  truth  about  your  presence  correct  information  you  business 
august 2018 by yencarnacion

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