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Google's trying to win at hardware. Meet the woman altering its design | WIRED UK
"Well, it seems that Google has finally realised that it can’t grow through software alone. It has to own more of the experience to point to a new vision for search and artificial intelligence that is ubiquitous across all aspects of our lives."
google  Tech  hardware  design 
5 weeks ago
All-American Nazis: Inside the Rise of Fascist Youth in the U.S. – Rolling Stone
"“The goal,” an analyst says, “is to destabilize people’s worldviews and fill them with your own. If you make racism funny, you can subvert the cultural taboo.”"
neonazi  us  Politics 
5 weeks ago
This Is How We Radicalized The World
"In most countries, reliable publications are going behind paywalls. More services like Amazon Prime and Netflix are locking premium entertainment behind subscriptions. Which means all of this — the trolls, the abuse, the fake news, the conspiracy videos, the data leaks, the propaganda — will eventually stop being a problem for people who can afford it.

Which will most likely leave the poor, the old, and the young to fall into an information divide."
Politics  Social  internet  radicalisation  InternetRadicalisatie 
6 weeks ago
The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected - The New York Times
"It could happen that the children of poorer and middle-class parents will be raised by screens, while the children of Silicon Valley’s elite will be going back to wooden toys and the luxury of human interaction."

"“The digital divide was about access to technology, and now that everyone has access, the new digital divide is limiting access to technology,” said Chris Anderson, the former editor of Wired magazine."
Tech  education  Silicon_Valley  culture 
6 weeks ago
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