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Hoe alt-right en ‘alt-light’ het Nederlandse Twitter domineren
"Er bestaan geen afgesloten ruimtes op Twitter, maar wel groepen van mensen die tegen elkaar aan schuren en soms met elkaar verweven kunnen raken. De ‘filterbubbel’, die jarenlang in zwang was, bestaat dus niet. Liever spreken academici over ‘deelpublieken’. Niemand maakt online uitsluitend deel uit van één deelpubliek of heeft nooit contact met mensen uit andere groepen, maar ze zijn wel duidelijk in zo’n deelpubliek in te delen op basis van hun gedragingen."

"Voor de Vlaamse cultuurwetenschapper Ico Maly is dat geen verrassing. ‘De kracht van alt-right schuilt niet zozeer in intellectuele vernieuwing. Het zwaartepunt van het succes ligt in het gebruik van nieuwe vormen en structuren om oude ideeën te lanceren’, schrijft hij in zijn boek Nieuw rechts. ‘Het succes van de metapolitieke strijd van alt-right is onlosmakelijk verbonden met het winstoogmerk en de interfaces van de mainstream digitale media.’"
Twitter  altright  internet  netherlands  Politics 
21 days ago by yorickdupon
YouTube creators are turning the site into a podcast network
"A recent survey of Canadian adults found that 43 percent of people “went to YouTube for podcasts in the past year.” That put YouTube ahead of Apple Podcasts (34 percent) and Spotify (23 percent)."

"Creating a separate channel for clips lets podcasters take advantage of YouTube’s recommendation algorithm, which surfaces content on specific subjects a viewer is already interested in."
podcasts  YouTube  media  internet  culture 
5 weeks ago by yorickdupon
Journalism Is an Action
"Social media is a powerful tool for making us all look like idiots. Twitter is a machine that allows you to show the entire world what a dumbass you are."

"Journalism is not an identity. Journalism is an action. It is something you do. If you go out and gather true facts and write them in a true and readable way, you have done journalism. (Note the use of word “true.” The fact that anyone can do journalism doesn’t mean that everyone does journalism.) There is not a priestly class of people called “journalists” who are able to produce Certified Real Journalism, which exists on a higher plane from the tawdry musings of the rabble."
Social  media  internet  twitter  politics  journalism  us 
6 weeks ago by yorickdupon
The Global Machine Behind the Rise of Far-Right Nationalism
"The distorted view of Sweden pumped out by this disinformation machine has been used, in turn, by anti-immigrant parties in Britain, Germany, Italy and elsewhere to stir xenophobia and gin up votes, according to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a London-based nonprofit that tracks the online spread of far-right extremism."
sweden  internet  globalisation  nationalism  Russia  white_nationalism  InternetRadicalisatie  radicalisation  far_right  us 
8 weeks ago by yorickdupon
How TikTok could fail
"The company spent nearly $1 billion on advertising the app in 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported in June. And platform executives familiar with ByteDance’s spending have told me that a significant majority of new users still abandon the app within 30 days."

"And so it’s at least of moderate concern that TikTok has so far offered users no direct way to make money in the United States. (It does in China.) TikTok is already arguably less attractive to influencers than, say, Instagram, because the app is designed to work even if you never follow a single creator. Then again, Instagram still doesn’t really offer users a direct way to make money from their posts, either, unless you count its experiments around e-commerce."
tiktok  social  internet  culture  china  us  Privacy 
12 weeks ago by yorickdupon
Pika-Who? How Pokémon Go Confused the Canadian Military - The New York Times
"Maj. Jeff Monaghan, an official based in Kingston, Ontario, wrote in an email: “Plse advise the Commissionaires that apparently Fort Frontenac is both a Pokégym and a Pokéstop. I will be completely honest in that I have not idea what that is.”"
pokemon  pokemongo  canada  military  internet  games  culture 
12 weeks ago by yorickdupon
Internet Deception Is Here to Stay—So What Do We Do Now? | WIRED
"A deception-free internet is a nostalgia-steeped illusion; falsehood has been a part of the digital world practically since its inception. A better question might be the likely scale of online fakery a decade from now."
politics  tech  culture  media  fake_news  journalism  internet  us 
12 weeks ago by yorickdupon
Why That One Guy You Know Won't Stop Talking About His Cast Iron Pan - VICE
"There is no relationship more pure than that between a man and his cast iron skillet"
internet  culture  bon_appetit  cooking 
12 weeks ago by yorickdupon
Hoe machtig wordt DPG Nederland?
Met alle huidige merken samen (22 stuks) bereikte DPG in november 2019 maandelijks 9,7 miljoen Nederlanders (unieke bezoekers). Sanoma (24 merken) bereikte 9 miljoen internetters. Het aantal unieke gebruikers zal na de overname stijgen tot 11,2 miljoen, veel mensen bezoeken namelijk zowel sites van Sanoma als van DGP. Die ruim 11 miljoen komt neer op ruim 70 procent van de Nederlandse internetpopulatie.
dpg_media  internet  Sanoma  netherlands  media  journalism 
december 2019 by yorickdupon
Google CEO cites shift from a mobile world to an AI world
"Over time, the computer itself — whatever its form factor — will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your day. We will move from mobile first to an AI first world."
google  AI  google_zurich  tech  internet  machinelearning 
november 2019 by yorickdupon
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