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Daniel Hannan's MEP group told to repay €535,000 in EU funds | Politics | The Guardian
Parliament authorities suggest that Hannan used EU funds for ACRE to support other pet projects, such as his free-trade think-tank, the Initiative for Free Trade (IFT), as well as Conservatives International.
corruption  hannan  brexit  tories  chancers 
3 days ago
In an Afghan District Verging on Collapse: ‘There Are Too Many Men With Guns’ - The New York Times
He had no idea who the gunmen were. “They could be Taliban, they could be anybody, all we know is that there are too many men with guns running around here.”
3 days ago
How Verizon’s $9bn media bet became virtually worthless | Financial Times
“The peak was two years ago,” said Ken Doctor, analyst at Newsonomics. “Verizon showed poor judgment in buying Yahoo when it did. If Mic was a whimper, the Oath announcement is the bang.”
verizon  oath  yahoo  telcoasmedia  ovum 
4 days ago
Croak to croon: City frogs sing more alluring love songs
Those fancy urban love songs are three times more likely to attract the ladies, as scientists learned by playing back recordings of both city and forest frog calls to an audience of female frogs in a laboratory. Thirty of 40 female frogs hopped over to the speaker playing the urban frog calls, the researchers report in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.
frogs  cities  science  ecology  domestication 
4 days ago
'Give me a pizza and a Diet Coke': Ex-CIA official ready to settle in and hear Maria Butina sing like a canary
“I don’t care about the question she asked of President Trump, I want to know who told you to ask that question, how did you communicate with them, how did you communicate with them afterwards,” the former counterterrorism official said.

“Let me go technical,” he continued. “Who paid you for that, how was the method of payment managed. I want to know how they’re operating in the United States. People in the political realm want to know what her goal was, I want to know the action. How are you getting paid, how are you communicating.”
spook  guns  russia  trump  butina 
4 days ago
Adam J Calhoun on Twitter: "yeah I do think a lot more behavior is subcortical than grad students is canonically taught cortex = refinement/subtle variations, complex pattern recognition that have little effect in macro sense but big effect in fitness sen
In rodents, most movement signals come from midbrain through the rubrospinal tract. In primates, especially humans, that functionality has been shifted to motor cortex. This is one area where rodents completely fail as a model system.
neurology  cortex  science  cats  primates  cat_lizard 
4 days ago
Meng Wanzhou: Canadian court frees Huawei CFO on bail | Technology | The Guardian
the problem here is of course that now Trump has shot his mouth off, the Cannuck court has no credibility
huawei  to_blog 
4 days ago
Arrest of Huawei Executive Intensifies Trade War Fears - The New York Times
couple of things: is Spalding nationalized 5G guy? also: The National Security Agency breached Huawei servers years ago in an effort to investigate its operations and its ties to Chinese security agencies and the military, and to create back doors so the National Security Agency could roam in networks around the globe wherever Huawei equipment was used.
nsa  huawei  snowden  5g  ovum  to_blog 
6 days ago
Seven rules for Remainers if they want to win a “People’s Vote”
This is the biggest area of shared ground: 92 per cent of people think the Brexit process is a mess. No matter which way you voted, you almost certainly think that it has been royally screwed up by Westminster politicians.
brexit  marketing  sense 
6 days ago
Orange Business Services connects cargo ships on Northern Sea Route
t also simplifies communication with contractors and port authorities, allocates a local phone number to each ship, and provides unlimited internet and video calls via the Wi-Fi network in the ship // internet of ships:-)
orange  ovum  maritime  satellite 
6 days ago
5G will bring all industries into the telecoms industry
the traditional composition of the telecoms industry is a company like Qualcomm, an infrastructure vendor, an operator a handset OEM and a regulator. “That was the industry. When we look at 5G,” he said, “…basically every other industry now understands how that technology will modify their business. That’s why 5G is one of the most significant transitions we’ll have.”
5g  ovum 
6 days ago
Reddit serving 1.4B native video views per month, up 40% over past 2 months | FierceVideo
Reddit said that since launching hosted videos in August 2017, almost a quarter of videos posted to Reddit use the site’s native player, surpassing YouTube links
reddit  streamingvideo  CDN  ovum 
9 days ago
Rocket-Boosted but Going Nowhere Fast: The Navy’s Failed Munitions Programs - The New York Times
“When you try to make a rocket-boosted projectile that can steer itself to a target, you basically have built a guided missile,”
kosherpig  maritime  missile 
9 days ago
ISIS Official Known for Caging Foes Is Captured by Iraq - The New York Times
The captured operative, Jamal al-Mashadani, who was known by the nom de guerre Abu Hamza al-Kurdi, was an officer in President Saddam Hussein’s security apparatus before joining Al Qaeda in Iraq after Mr. Hussein’s fall.
isis  iraq  noia 
9 days ago
Jabal al-Lughat: Language attitudes around Paris: a vignette
Ô, moi aussi je suis algérien [Oh, I'm Algerian too]", I replied.

His response: "Ah, est-ce que vous êtes français ou israélite ? [So are you French, or Jewish?]"

My answer "Ni l'un ni l'autre [Neither one]" seemed to come as a surprise
languages  france 
9 days ago
Maersk pledges to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2050 | Financial Times
“We’ve been able to absorb the last 10 years’ growth without adding to CO2 emissions. It’s a good starting point but it’s not enough . . . 
maersk  maritime  logistics  climate  optimism 
9 days ago
George Herbert Walker Bush
In the aftermath of the failed coup attempt against Gorbachev, Bush and Scowcroft seized the moment to signal the need to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons and high readiness rates. These steps would be unilateral but were clearly taken as an invitation to reciprocal action in a Soviet Union whose command and control mechanisms were clearly suspect.
bush  ghwb  coldwar 
10 days ago
It's hard to fix deadly CIA communications system problem
In the past, the Defense Clandestine Service, the Defense Intelligence Agency’s covert human-intelligence gathering arm, has employed CIA-developed internet-based covert communications platforms, as has the United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service during joint operations conducted with the agency, said this person // now you tell us
cia  googlehack  security  spook  china  iran  aaargh 
10 days ago
Can the euro rival the dollar? | Centre for European Reform
It might but nobody here wants to do any of the things that would be necessary
dollar  euro  finance  currency  centralbank  economics 
10 days ago
"Ce peuple est encore dangereux" - Tocqueville21 : Tocqueville21
Someone remarked one of the “revendications” was odd: a 25 class size cap. It seemed oddly specific and unrelated to a gas tax. Until you remember that in June 2018, there were hundreds of occupied rural and semi rural schools.
10 days ago
Au service secret de Bernard Arnault: Squarcini de nouveau mis en examen - Page 1 | Mediapart
the amazing thing here is that the sinister tycoon who gives orders to the secret service chief is in...the business of champagne and handbags.
squarcini  france  spook 
10 days ago
Saudi Arabia’s Blood Pact With a Genocidal Strongman | The American Conservative
Buying Taha did not come cheaply. “The reports on this put the figure, reliably, at between $20 and $25 million dollars,” Abdulrahman al-Amin told me, “which doesn’t count the mansion that Taha was given by the Emiratis on Dubai’s Palms Island.” Worse yet, as Bashir was informed, Taha had secretly taken on Saudi citizenship—which put him under the protection of Mohammed bin Salman.
saudiarabia  sudan  mercenaries  yemen  mbs  khashoggi 
10 days ago
Tumblr, Consolidation and The Gentrification of Internet. – Wetmachine
Platforms that become popular get acquired by larger companies. These companies shape these platforms to maximize advertising revenue. That means sanding off the rough edges that make a platform less attractive to advertisers or the larger mainstream audience that likes to feel hip and edgy but not quite that authentically hip and edgy.
tumblr  internet  platform  censorship  advertising 
10 days ago
North Carolina’s Election Turmoil: What We Know and Don’t Know - The New York Times
The future of the elections board itself is uncertain. It was supposed to be dissolved on Monday as a result of a court ruling that the board’s composition improperly limited Governor Cooper’s power. Republican leaders asked the court for an extension while the Ninth District investigation plays out, and the judges granted one until Dec. 12. But that is still well before the Dec. 21 deadline for the evidentiary hearing, so the investigation could still be upended by the board’s dissolution.
12 days ago
Government prepares to ration ferry space under no-deal Brexit | Financial Times
“It’s gearboxes versus pâté,” joked one official. “The government would have to choose and that’s why the government would have to own the shipping capacity.”
brexit  logistics 
12 days ago
A new history of the French banking crisis during the Great Depression | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
This new picture of the French Great Depression shows that a broad view on the financial system is needed to understand the channels and consequences of banking panics. The previous literature on the Great Depression in France had underestimated the size of the banking crisis because it was limited to a subset of banks. The French case demonstrates that some minor macroeconomic assumptions and extrapolations on monetary statistics can be misleading and introduce large, persistent biases in historiography. // look at UK deposits and German deposits after '31!
banking  finance  greatdepression  france  economics  economichistory 
13 days ago
Alex Harrowell on Twitter: "thought on this: in government, the combination of ceaseless mobilization through fear and depoliticizing calls to keep shopping had horrible consequences. is it less bad in opposition because only self-torment is achievable? o
In short, they will experience all of the emotional fervor and turmoil of fear but gain none of fear's actual evolutionary benefit --> its power to focus the mind on a life-saving course of action in the face of predators.
fear  twitter  bush  trump  to_blog 
13 days ago
Companies fed up with crappy Wi-Fi are deploying 5G instead - MIT Technology Review
Audi believes this private 5G network, which the company would be responsible for managing, will enable it to connect manufacturing robots and other devices faster and more securely than existing Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or 4G LTE options, says Henning Löser, the head of its production lab.
5g  ovum 
13 days ago
AT&T’s wireless chief on 5G: ‘Early opportunities are going to be in enterprise’ | FierceWireless
“We are first where it matters most,” AT&T’s John Donovan said of the operator’s move to 5G. "The early opportunities are going to be in enterprise."

“We’re seeing a lot of demand from enterprise customers for blurring the line between what has historically been a wide area network, mobile, with a local area network, which has traditionally been wired,” he said during an AT&T analyst presentation featuring all of the company’s top leadership.
att  5g  donovan  ovum 
13 days ago
Nokia expects "quite an aggressive" 5G roll out in the U.S. next year
He said he expects millimeter wave launches in the first quarter, which aligns with how Verizon and AT&T are going-to-market with 5G. T-Mobile US is actively deploying its 600 MHz spectrum, although device availability won’t come until the second half of 2019. And Sprint is deploying its 2.5 GHz holdings with chipset availability expected in Q1, “so they’ll also be upfront there,” Murphy said.
5g  nokia  verizon  att  t-mo  ovum 
13 days ago
Under the Knife in China – Foreign Policy
Data from a study after the new standards were to be implemented showed that trainees from top ophthalmology residencies performed an average of zero cataract surgeries—in the United Kingdom, by contrast, trainees must perform 350.
china  medicine  surgery 
13 days ago
Davis and Raab messed Britain up then ran away – and now they’ve got the award to prove it
Finally, at long last, the Spectator's 2018 Parliamentarian of the Year awards would recognise David Davis and Dominic Raab, the UK’s two former Brexit secretaries for their achievement: Resignation(s!) of the Year! About time!
16 days ago
Patrick McKenzie on Twitter: "The OSS community has yet to come to grips with “Companies with $50 million in the bank send an incredible volume of support requests to people who are worried about making their $600 rent, and the community and culture in
It’s a really curious sociological thing that the fact that folks are exploiting the OSS devs here, and I’m not choosing that word lightly, is what gives them social permission to hold their own engineering practices blameless in the process of doing the exploitation // lefties for capitalism, eh
open-source  support  programming  capitalism  charitycapitalism 
18 days ago
Right-wing think tank accused of promoting tobacco and oil industry “propaganda” in schools | openDemocracy
The Institute of Economic Affairs has been accused of “pumping seemingly paid-for propaganda” into schools after analysis by openDemocracy found that its free magazine for A-Level students has carried articles arguing against tobacco taxes and climate change science, and in favour of NHS privatisation. The magazine does not tell readers who funds the IEA.
iea  wanktanks 
18 days ago
Uber insiders describe infighting and questionable decisions before its self-driving car killed a pedestrian
This is really bad in several ways. 1) there's a reason why you have "pilot flying" and "pilot not flying" or "pilot monitoring" even when the AP is on. 2) making nonintervention a goal penalises intervention 3) making nonintervention a goal also rewards inattention and also machine insensitivity until it hits somebody 4) sterile cockpit - if you're treating it as relaxing time this is going to reinforce leaving it as late as possible to intervene 5) sure it's software, but the hardware team also seems to be the car team and it's a car 6) it's not ready to be on the road and it shouldn't be on the road
selfdrivingcar  safety  autopilot  uber  to_blog 
18 days ago
Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson partner to provide industry solution for OSRAM
OSRAM and Deutsche Telekom are prototyping and testing a mobile robotics solution at the OSRAM factory in Schwabmünchen. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) will be used to transport goods across the OSRAM shop floor in the more flexible production environment. Ericsson is the provider of the campus network system at the Schwabmünchen site. As well as being the radio partner for the surrounding public LTE coverage, Ericsson will provide the system technology for the special indoor factory coverage and the local core network as part of the dual slice solution.
ovum  lte  5g  osram  robots  iot  dtag 
20 days ago
Study shows 60% of Britons believe in conspiracy theories | Society | The Guardian
Dr Hugo Leal, one of the project’s researchers, said he and the other academics had been startled by the proportion of Trump and Brexit supporters who said they believed the grand replacement theory.

He said: “This is intertwined with a broader conspiratorial outlook, which seems to link the Trump and Brexit camps. Indeed, both sides share attitudes and sentiments that transcend the mere conservative ideological affiliation. Our study shows that conspiracy theories are a central element to understanding a common political culture, which most scholars find hard to fathom.” Leal described the shared attitudes as a “transatlantic conspiratorial axis”.
bullshit  trump  brexit  replacement 
23 days ago
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