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Up to 9.5 million net neutrality comments were made with stolen identities | Ars Technica
The Times wrote that the AG also subpoenaed Century Strategies, "a political consultancy founded by Ralph Reed, the former director of the Christian Coalition,"
netneutrality  astroturf  fakenews  trolls  bots  trump  ralphreed  evangelicals 
1 hour ago
I Mastered Xi Jinping Thought And I Have The Certificate to Prove It – Foreign Policy
Yet some committee decided that this particular course would be an appropriate way to introduce Tsinghua’s “world-class” education to the world. Perhaps, most likely, once the idea of offering such a course on a global platform was raised, no one at Tsinghua had the courage to raise any questions or doubts.

Nor, of course, did edX see any problem with this.
xjp  china  quackery  academia 
1 hour ago
Turkey yet to share Khashoggi audio, video evidence with U.S.: sources | Reuters
the United States and allies have collected some intelligence through their own sources and methods, which partly confirms news reports based on leaks of audio recordings // S&M = SIGINT iirc
sigint  khashoggi 
2 hours ago
Operators focus on open RAN and transport at TIP Summit
In terms of equipment suppliers, Vodafone called out Mavenir, Parallel Wireless and Altiostar for “most compliant [end-to-end] platforms;” Fairwaves and Parallel Wireless for 2G software; Mavenir and Parallel Wireless for 3G software; Altiostar, Parallel Wireless and Radisys for 4G software; and Baicells, NEC and Parallel Wireless for radio hardware.
parallel  vodafone  openran  Facebook  ovum 
4 hours ago
Donald Trump moves to pull US out of Universal Postal Union | Financial Times
Donald Trump, the US president, has moved to pull the US out of the Universal Postal Union
post  trump 
20 hours ago
The Leaders Who Unleashed China’s Mass Detention of Muslims - The New York Times
The public has been told to prepare for a long offensive, which one local official last week called a “campaign of intellectual emancipation.”
china  xinjiang  xjp 
21 hours ago
May's government accused of lying about Labour MPs backing her Brexit deal - Business Insider
Kate Hoey, perhaps Labour's most high-profile pro-Brexit MP, also told Business Insider she hadn't been approached, despite having voted with May's government on numerous pieces of Brexit legislation.

The same applies to Labour MPs from Leave-voting seats who are thought to be among the "dozens" reportedly courted by Conservative whips. Gloria Del Perio, the MP for Ashfield, described the claim to BI as "nonsense."
maytheresa  rollcall  tories  brexit 
21 hours ago
How celebrities like Stephen Fry advocating prostate cancer testing could do more harm than good | The Independent
That’s correct: no statistical difference at all.

However, of those 1,000 men with screening around 160 would have a false alarm and a painful biopsy and 20 would generally have a benign, non-progressive, cancer and yet undergo unnecessary surgery.
psa  falsepositive  stephenfry  medicalcomms 
21 hours ago
(9+)EU-Austritt Großbritanniens - Brexit-Deal soll am Sonntag stehen - Politik - Sü
Unter einem "Deal" verstehen die Verhandler das Austrittsabkommen sowie einen "Überblick der politischen Erklärung über das künftige EU-UK-Verhältnis". Bei einem Brexit-Sondergipfel im November soll der Europäische Rat schließlich das Gesamtpaket billigen. Im Januar und Februar ist dann die Ratifizierung des Brexit-Deals durch das britische und das Europäische Parlament vorgesehen.
brexit  timetable 
21 hours ago
YouGov | Boris Johnson’s popularity has plummeted among Conservative and Leave voters
Among those who voted for the Tories last year, Boris Johnson was riding high with a net favourability score of +26 at the beginning of September. Fast forward one month and that score had fallen to +6, and it has since come down to -4 with 44% holding a favourable view of Boris compared to 48% with an unfavourable opinion.
showerjobby  polls  tories  brexit 
21 hours ago
Jamal Khashoggi's killing took seven minutes, Turkish source tells MEE | Middle East Eye
As he started to dismember the body, Tubaigy put on earphones and listened to music. He advised other members of the squad to do the same.

“When I do this job, I listen to music. You should do [that] too,” Tubaigy was recorded as saying, the source told MEE.
21 hours ago
The Jamal Khashoggi Case: Suspects Had Ties to Saudi Crown Prince - The New York Times
One of them, Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, was a diplomat assigned to the Saudi Embassy in London in 2007, according to a British diplomatic roster. He traveled extensively with the crown prince, perhaps as a bodyguard.
22 hours ago
The last days of Theranos — the financials were as overhyped as the blood tests - MarketWatch
The terms of the loan agreement included the requirement to finally produce audited financial statements, something that had not been attempted since at least 2009...Philippe Poux arrived as chief financial officer in mid-2017 to oversee the financial infrastructure put in place by A&M. Poux told MarketWatch that at that time Theranos still had no budgeting process, no accurate cash-flow forecasting, and no auditable financial statements.
theranos  fraud  accounting 
Divided Britain: study finds huge chasm in attitudes | Society | The Guardian
The report concluded that people in deprived communities often saw immigration as part of “a broader story about dissatisfaction with their own lives”, repeating stories from the media about immigrants supposedly receiving preferential treatment from public services
brexit  immigration 
Two Windows 10 feature updates a year is too many | ZDNet
Ubuntu Linux offers a release cycle that's superficially similar to that of Windows 10, with two releases per year, in the spring and fall. Crucially, most of those are interim releases (shown in gray in the timeline below) and are supported only until the next interim release comes out. The long-term support versions (shown in orange in the support timeline) are released every two years.
Microsoft  ovum  win10 
Microsoft needs to refocus on Windows 10 fundamentals, not just new features | ZDNet
Speaking of testing, it's widely known that Microsoft let go a bunch of its Windows testers back in 2014
win10  testing  Microsoft  ovum 
Telefonica and Vodafone shake up RAN market - Mobile World Live
Meanwhile David del Val Latorre (pictured, standing), CEO – R&D, Telefonica, revealed three pilots set to take place next year in Latin America: during the first quarter of 2019 in Peru and Colombia, and in Q2-Q3 in an as-yet unnamed market in the continent. Altiostar, Mavenir and Parallel Wireless will again feature.
Facebook ramps up Terragraph; reassures operators - Mobile World Live
Parikh also announced the company will be conducting field trials with Claro and Vivo in Brazil.
Famous Experiment Dooms Pilot-Wave Alternative to Quantum Weirdness | Quanta Magazine
He was probably more aware than most of how weird that whole thing was,” Tomas Bohr said. “He was just somehow philosophically inclined in such a way that he was ready to accept that nature was that strange — and most people were not.”
Peacetime Spells Death for Colombia’s Activists - The New York Times
Few of the cases have been solved by Colombia’s government, yet a pattern has emerged: Almost all of the murders have taken place in regions that FARC guerrillas abandoned last year when they demobilized as part of the peace deal.
colombia  murder 
A Genocide Incited on Facebook, With Posts From Myanmar’s Military - The New York Times
One of the most dangerous campaigns came in 2017, when the military’s intelligence arm spread rumors on Facebook to both Muslim and Buddhist groups that an attack from the other side was imminent, said two people.
genocide  facebook  burma  gsm  to_blog 
For Khashoggi, a Tangled Mix of Royal Service and Islamist Sympathies - The New York Times
Maggie Mitchell Salem, a longtime friend, worried about him and asked him to text her whenever he went to the Saudi Embassy in Washington.

“He laughed at me: ‘Oh, Maggie, Maggie, you are ridiculous’,” she recalled.
US Navy SEAL Jailed In Serbia
In the 1990s, Bojovic was reportedly a soldier for Serbian paramilitary leader Željko “Arkan” Ražnatović, who was accused of war crimes during the Bosnian and Kosovo wars. In 2012, police in Madrid said Bojovic and his men killed a fellow criminal and then ate his flesh and threw his bones in a river.
Retired Australian Major General Mike Hindmarsh faces questions about knowledge of civilian attacks in Yemen - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
"I'd imagine it's not quite what the Australians had in mind when they moved to Abu Dhabi on a tax free salary," Mr Donaghy said.
mercenaries  sasr  aussie  uae  yemen 
This American Is A General For A Foreign Army Accused Of War Crimes In Yemen
The name of the company was Breast Wishes, Inc, though it soon changed to Naturally Yours, Inc. It was a mail-order business, according to Christina Self, who said she was its only employee, and Toumajan ran it out of a rented office, meeting with her once a week. The product it sold “was a natural supplement for enhancement,” she said in a brief phone interview. “Breast enhancements.”
weirdness  uae  mercenaries 
American Mercenaries Were Hired To Assassinate Politicians In The Middle East
nd yet another, according to four people who knew him, was still in the Navy Reserve as a SEAL and had a top-secret clearance. He was a veteran of SEAL Team 6, or DEVGRU, the sources told BuzzFeed News...Dahlan was once touted as a possible leader of the Palestinian Authority, but in 2007 he fell from grace, accused by the Palestinian Authority of corruption and by Hamas of cooperating with the CIA and Israel.

A man without a country, he fled to the UAE. There he reportedly remade himself as a key adviser to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, or MBZ, known as the true ruler of Abu Dhabi. The former CIA officer who knows Dahlan said, “The UAE took him in as their pit bull.”...Gilmore himself said he has an imperfect record. During a live-fire training mission he led, back in his Navy days, he says he accidentally shot another SEAL. Gilmore said that’s what prompted him to leave the Navy, in 2011. His last major job before joining Spear was as an executive at an artisanal Tequila company.
journalism  mercenaries  uae  yemen  weirdness 
Der Postillon: "Die Dinger funktionieren ja gar nicht!": Söder hängt frustriert alle Kreuze wieder ab
"37,2 Prozent. Danke für nichts!", murmelt Söder, während er ein Kreuz nach dem anderen von der Wand nimmt. "So haben wir nicht gewettet, mein lieber Gott!" Er wiegt eines der Kreuze in seiner Hand. "Hoffentlich kann ich die Dinger reklamieren und bekomme mein Geld wieder."
2 days ago
Trump’s dangerous reliance on Saudi Arabia | Financial Times
“My question was always where to place him on the spectrum between Lee Kuan Yew and Saddam Hussein.”
trump  saudiarabia 
2 days ago
Housing associations call for £42bn to build social homes | Financial Times
One of the main things we are asking for is reform around land and planning to enable land value capture.”
2 days ago
City and Port of Los Angeles argue for keeping existing framework for CBRS | FierceWireless
The existing CBRS licensing framework, for the first time, will enable new entities to control their own networks and get access to licensed, interference-protected spectrum by actively participating in 3.5 GHz PAL auctions, GE said.
ports  iot  ovum  5g  cbrs 
2 days ago
Wetmachine » Tales of the Sausage Factory » The FCC Decides Rural America Has Too Many Broadband Options, So They Are Taking Away 5G Spectrum To Give To The Big Guys.
Small providers in rural areas, such as wireless ISPs (WISPs), loved this. People who wanted targeted small networks, like the Port Authority for Los Angeles, loved it, because it let them get smaller licenses. People who wanted internet of things (IoT) networks loved it, because of the possibilities for innovation. Who didn’t love it?

Big wireless carriers.
Medium wireless carriers wanting to be big carriers.
Big cable companies wanting to become wireless carriers.
cbrs  3.5ghz  iot  ovum  ports 
2 days ago
German Greens in Coalition Government | Heinrich Böll Stiftung European Union
The German Greens have succeeded in taking over governmental responsibility in the majority of the 16 German federal states. This is a great success for the party
greens  germany  afoe 
2 days ago
T-Mobile shows off 5G network modeling tech in FCC meeting | FierceWireless
In midband spectrum, 5G would provide 52% more spectral efficiency over LTE when using 4x4 MIMO.
5g  ovum  fcc  t-mobile 
2 days ago
Midco sets sights on offering 100/20 speeds using 3.5 GHz band | FierceWireless
Fixed wireless allows it to reach remote, rural areas that are up to 50 miles away from its fiber network, and it’s a solution that can be implemented relatively quickly and without the expense of building fiber networks. It’s also deployable in the winter months when the weather makes fiber construction impossible.
fwa  5g  ovum  3.5ghz 
2 days ago
Semtech looking at LoRa deployments at scale—like China-sized scale | FierceWireless
“With LoRa, the guarantee is if there’s business there, anyone can become a network operator,” so there’s more business flexibility and less risk of discontinuity, which is a critical factor, he said.
lora  iot  ovum 
2 days ago
Did Uber Steal Google’s Intellectual Property? | The New Yorker
“Uber regrets ever bringing Anthony Levandowski on board,” a lawyer for the company told the jury. “All Uber has to show for Anthony Levandowski is this lawsuit.”
uber  selfdrivingsoylent 
2 days ago
Wahlanalyse nach der Landtagswahl in Bayern
Die Fokussierung auf die Asylpolitik und die Abweisung, für die besonders Horst Seehofer stand, könnte ein entscheidender Grund dafür sein, dass die CSU so viele Wähler verloren hat.
seehofer  csu  bayern  germany  afoe 
3 days ago
Was die Freien Wähler als Koalitionspartner in Bayern wollen
It strikes me that the Greens could probably absorb these people easily
fw  bayern  afoe  germany 
3 days ago
Tony Blair confirms receiving millions in donation from Saudi   – Middle East Monitor
Accounts published yesterday by the Tony Blair Institute confirmed earlier reports that Blair had received donations of up to $12 million from the Kingdom.
saudiarabia  tonyblair 
4 days ago
Coulisses de Bruxelles - BCE: la France lâche-t-elle la proie pour l'ombre? - Libé
Au final, le Français pourrait donc décrocher le pompon comme candidat du moindre mal.
4 days ago
The Golden Rule of Nudge - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
This all reminds me of a general phenomenon, that “incentives matter” always seems like a good motto for other people, but we rarely seem to want it for ourselves.
4 days ago
Airbus formally launches A321LR; we look behind the "LR" to see what's there - Leeham News and Comment
God I hope they don't go with the usual cabin fit...kind of like a 757-200 with modern stuff and less whoosh
a320  airbus  a321lr 
5 days ago
UK's housing stock 'needs massive retrofit to meet climate targets' | Environment | The Guardian
This is about £7.8bn capex and I really cannot see any reason not to just fucking do it if we're planning a £500bn infrastructure investment
energy  climate  housing  simpleplan 
5 days ago
Rat hairs and maggots: May warned of 'reality' of US Brexit trade deal - Business Insider
US producers are currently allowed one maggot per 250 millilitres of citrus juice — like orange and apple juice — and two per 100 grams of tomato juice
maggots  brexit 
5 days ago
bellingcat - Full report: Skripal Poisoning Suspect Dr. Alexander Mishkin, Hero of Russia - bellingcat
One source close to Mishkin’s grandmother (who is now in her 90s, and as a former doctor is still revered in the village) told us that the reason for the award is top secret, but that the understanding in the village was that it was “for Crimea or [for former Ukrainian president Viktor] Yanukovych,” the implication being that the award had either something to do with the Crimean annexation or with helping Yanokovych flee Ukraine.
russia  novichok  bellingcat 
5 days ago
BlackBerry — Chip off Technique – Ford Nickelson – Medium
The “Chip Off” technique involves removing the memory chip from the motherboard of one device and using specialist equipment to make that information readable again
blackberry  hacker  forensics  coldboot 
5 days ago
Ethiopian pioneers 1st GEnx Engine repair in Africa – Fanabc
Ethiopian Maintenance and Engineering Services, the largest and oldest aircraft maintenance centre in Africa, said it has become the first in Africa with capability to repair the GEnx Engine, which powers the Boeing 787 aircraft.
gasturbine  productservicesystem  aviation  africa  logistics 
5 days ago
Council Housing in Thetford before 1939: No ‘borough as small had done more’ | Municipal Dreams
In 1909, the survey of a later Medical Officer of Health reported 731 ‘privy vaults’ in Thetford, ‘practically none of them watertight, most of them merely holes in the ground’. The Council, however, still rejected a sewerage scheme as too expensive; a decision backed by 478 votes to 26 in the public meeting which followed, dominated, one presumes, by middle-class rate-payers rather than those most in need. It’s all a salutary corrective to the temptation to romanticise working-class life in small town and village England.

SN AG MinnsAnd yet, in other ways, Thetford would surprise. Allan Glaisyer Minns, born in the Bahamas, a doctor at the local workhouse and cottage hospital, was elected to the council in 1903. In 1904, he became the first black man to be elected mayor anywhere in the UK.

The Council was also one of the very few to build council housing before the First World War and, in St Mary’s Crescent, it built one of the most remarkable of early schemes.
housing  thetford  history 
5 days ago
NAKED KEYNESIANISM: The Brazilian Election or Brazilian Fahrenheit 11/9
Interestingly, Dilma Rousseff, the impeached president, is not accused of anything and might have a shot at the Senate seat held by Aécio Neves, her rival in the last election, who is trying desperately to win a seat in Congress to avoid being prosecuted (contrary to Lula, that has been jailed as a result of someone saying he owned an apartment, without a single shred of corroborating evidence; Aécio is recorded asking for a R$2 million bribe, suggesting his cousin would pick it up, since it was a person he could trust and kill if he opened his mouth, and the cousin was later filmed and caught with the money).
5 days ago
FWA success is about deployment without engineers – Nokia |
Simplicity and ease of deployment will certainly come as an advantage over waiting for a couple of weeks for an engineer to show up.
fixedwireless  nokia  ovum 
6 days ago
Fears for young Marxist activist missing after police raid in China | South China Morning Post
an intensifying clampdown by the authorities on a growing number of young Chinese activists who have found inspiration in Marxism in recent years, hoping to bring change on issues ranging from feminism and income equality to workers’ rights.

But in sharp contrast to the official Marxist line, this new generation of Marxists emphasises individual freedoms, with some even showing interest in a Western constitutional democracy
6 days ago
Turkey Says Recordings Are Evidence of Saudi Journalist’s Killing - WSJ
The Turkish officials may release the evidence in coming days, these people said, adding the recordings have been described by those who have reviewed them as evidence of a killing. The audio evidence is particularly graphic, according to these people.
6 days ago
Q&A—Aryaka's new CEO looks to level up company's presence in the SD-WAN space | FierceTelecom
As we have assessed the market and talked to a number of different customers, what we came away with is an understanding from them that they're not particularly happy with their current incumbent. They're looking for companies that can deploy much more quickly, along with affordability, agility and all these things that really matter to them
6 days ago
Nokia offers network slicing for fixed broadband services | FierceTelecom
The vendor took part in the work that led to the publication of TR-370 on Fixed Access Network Sharing (FANS) by the Broadband Forum, and its currently involved in the specification of the YANG modules that are used to achieve Fans // ETSI TISPAN lives!
Nokia  NFV  5g  ovum] 
6 days ago
Ericsson CEO talks 5G infrastructure, spectrum, network slicing with FCC | FierceWireless
, the FCC adopted an Order and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that identifies new opportunities for flexible use in up to 500 megahertz of midband spectrum between 3.7 and 4.2 GHz. The notice proposes to add a mobile allocation to all 500 megahertz in the band
6 days ago
A Trio of Wealthy Russians Made an Enemy of Putin. Now They’re All Dead. - WSJ
After the airline dropped the case in April without explanation, Judge Rose ordered Aeroflot to pay more than £3 million ($3.9 million) to compensate Mr. Glushkov’s estate and other defendants for their court costs. She said that after eight years of litigation the airline had apparently folded its hand because “Aeroflot and its advisers realized that their case was doomed to fail in its entirety.
6 days ago
Canadian errors helped prompt Saudi row, says expelled Canada envoy
Two senior Turkish officials revealed the existence of an object that may provide important clues to Khashoggi’s fate: the black Apple watch he was wearing when he entered the consulate. The watch was connected to a mobile phone he left outside, they said.
6 days ago
The Color of Economic Anxiety | Current Affairs
White people of all genders and classes voted for Trump at about the same rates as they voted for Romney, McCain, and George W. Bush, and both white and Republican voter turnout stayed fairly steady between 2012 and 2016. More significant was the critical mass of Democrats who defected from the party or didn’t vote at all in the battleground states the Democratic Party needed most. The rate of this decline among Democrats in key swing states was larger than the increase of Republicans who brought Trump to victory. And in some states, the drop was unprecedented.
democrats  economics  trump  sense 
7 days ago
Patisserie Valerie owner faces crisis 'over £20m accounting hole'
Sky News has learnt that Patisserie Holdings, which trades using the ticker CAKE,‎ is likely to have its shares suspended as a result of the discovery of financial irregularities // it was hiding in plain sight, right in the middle of the doughnuts
accounting  cake 
7 days ago
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