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When bad evidence is worse than no evidence: Quilliam’s “grooming gangs” report and its legacy - Policing Insight
The “study” also suffers from a glaring lack of transparency: beyond the vague and essentially meaningless assertion that “extensive data mining methods” were used, virtually nothing is revealed about the data and their provenance (e.g. basics like sampling strategy, search terms, sources and inclusion parameters).
quilliam  badscience  wanktanks  noncesense 
45 minutes ago
Next for Windows 10: What to expect from the April 2019 Update -- aka version 1903 | ZDNet
Windows Sandbox uses built-in virtualization to create a "safe" desktop where you can try out an untrusted program or visit a suspicious website without risking the integrity of your PC. When you close the sandbox, every trace of those actions is wiped out and the next session starts fresh.
win10  virtualization  security  ovum 
1 hour ago
Iliad mulls fundraising options - Mobile World Live
During the year it lost 254,000 mobile subscribers in its home market, ending December with a base of 13.4 million.
iliad  ovum  10k-watch 
The RISKS Digest Volume 31 Issue 12
Between 01/01/2017 and 02/28/2019, the FDA's MAUDE (Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience) database reports the following events: 29 deaths, 72 injuries, 306 malfunctions, and 10 other attributed to Brand Name: da vinci, Manufacturer: intuitive, and product code: nay (System, Surgical, Computer Controlled Instrument).
medicine  robots  failure  bubble2 
Telenor CEO expects 5G to fuel perfect storm - Mobile World Live
Brekke said it has a multiple-vendor strategy and is trying out three different types of use cases: fixed wireless access as a fibre replacement; industrial applications in manufacturing and agriculture in the private sector; and the public sector in the area of medical and emergency services.
5g  ovum  telenor 
Has anyone solved the color shift when rendering prores to h.264 in Premiere/Media Encoder? : editors
Here's the scoop: as we all know video color gamut is Rec. 709 in the HD world (16-235 range on your RGB sliders), but on computers this can be color represented as full-range RGB (0-255). These are your out-of-gamut or illegal colors.

H.264 is capable of storing both Rec. 709 and full RGB color, but for the most part in the real world there is no standardized way of handling it. Officially there is a flag that can be indicated in MP4 and MOV to indicate what the color space is supposed to be, but for the most part it's not often used, and in some situations in playback it's even ignored.

So this puts you in the wild west. Some programs assume your H.264 is full range RGB, so it doesn't compensate and re-expand the gamma curve, making color look washed out. Others assume your H.264 is Rec. 709, and will automatically expand the curve, blowing things out.
colourgrading  h264  gammon  to_blog 
How to share and watch videos on Twitter
What video formats do you support?

We currently support MP4 and MOV video formats on mobile apps.

On the web, we support the MP4 video format with H264 format with AAC audio. You can upload videos up to 512MB, however you will be prompted to edit videos to 2 minutes and 20 seconds or less in length.
gammon  colourgrading  to_blog 
The LT3000 Blog: The great bribe-the-distributor US drug pricing scam
One of the most interesting comments was from Merek CEO Ken Frazier, who said that Merek had attempted to lower the list prices for some of its drugs in the past, but that doing so had put the company at a competitive disadvantage, and so it had been forced to reverse course. Now let's stop and think about this for a second - in how many other industries does cutting your prices lead to a decrease in competitiveness? If cutting prices reduces your competitiveness, it stands to reason that raising them increases your competitiveness, and if that is the case, should we be surprised that drug price inflation has been rampant? Something appears truly broken.
coasianhell  corruption  healthcare  oligopoly 
2 days ago
We’re Not All Going to Be Gig Economy Workers After All | CEPR Blog | CEPR
Katz and Kreuger have now walked back their earlier results. In a new paper released in January 2019, they note that what they thought was a trend of rapidly increasing gig jobs was actually a blip, due to the slow recovery from the recession and financial crisis of the 2007–2008 period. Many workers used short-term, freelance, and contingent work to fill the gap in income. This was a stopgap for working families, rather than a trend in employment; workers turned to standard jobs as the economy improved and these jobs became plentiful again
bogushairdressers  gigeconomy  wrong  economics  to_blog 
2 days ago
‘It is an end-of-tether moment’ – Estelle Morris on the schools crisis, cuts and child poverty | Education | The Guardian
Now, says Morris, there’s a real worry that in the current funding crisis, all that infrastructure, all those supporting roles that she helped introduce to free teachers to teach are being eroded. Schools are doing their best to protect teaching jobs as far they can – it is the TAs and pastoral care teams that are going.
education  tories  estellemorris 
2 days ago
Infovista upgrades its Ipanema SD-WAN platform | FierceTelecom
To meet those requirements, the application flow is assigned to one of four priority layers. These "buckets" are flexible. "For example, say Skype for Business is the top priority, and file-based storage is a medium priority," Belmar said. "The system can adjust to the top priority saying that all Skype for Business calls get what they need, and it slows down the others, which will get what they need soon after // so this is really just canned five-tuple diffserv
sd-wan  ovum 
2 days ago
AT&T opens an API marketplace for communication apps | FierceTelecom
With the APIs, businesses can quickly add or upgrade services to their websites, such as click-to-connect voice, video, and text as well as 2-factor authentication, conferencing, and virtual directories. For example, businesses could use an app to embed a click-to-chat button on their website to connect with a customer support representative. Or a customized app could help banks reduce fraud by enabling automatic 2-factor authentication of users via text messages.
at&t  api  developers  ovum 
2 days ago
Hatton Garden ringleader 'Basil' found guilty over £14m heist | UK news | The Guardian
Prosecutors had alleged he posed as a BT engineer to tamper with the security system before the burglary, then used a 2G mobile phone jammer to block the alarm signal.
basil  hattongarden  imsicatcher  security 
2 days ago
Prince Had All 3,000 Pairs of His High Heels Custom-Made at This L.A. Cobbler - Vogue
And because Prince’s performances required intense movement, the heel was supported with a stainless steel bar, so as to ensure that it wouldn’t snap off when he was coming back up from a split // ie a shank like a pointe shoe
prince  dance  tailoring  craft  shoes 
2 days ago
The 26 Words That Guard the Open Internet and Open-Source Intelligence
Section 230 is responsible for the Internet that we know today — the good, the bad, and everything in between. Any further changes to Section 230 will have an indelible impact on social media and other platforms, and the inherently open nature of the Internet. This very well may be a positive outcome if it sufficiently eliminates real harms such as Islamic State propaganda and illicit drug sales. But any analysis of changes to Section 230 must consider the very real drawbacks, including the reduced visibility of bad actors when the Internet is less open.
s230  internet  surveillance 
2 days ago
SMBlog -- 11 March 2019
This is a serious issue; you can complain about pseudoeditorial things like recommendation but we've now moved on to complaining about person-to-person things like Whatsapp, while literally nobody thinks your SMS or phone calls should be vetted
encryption  moderation  surveillance 
2 days ago
Radiocarbon dates from Coldingham are back from the lab, and they’re 100% Anglo-Saxon! | Coldingham Priory
In short, these results confirm that the heart of Princess Aebbe’s Anglo-Saxon monastery is probably underneath the later medieval Coldingham Priory. Specifically, they prove that the huge mound of animal bone we found dates to the very same time that Princess Aebbe’s monastery was in existence. It’s the final piece of evidence we needed before we could confidently declare that we have indeed found the remains of her monastery!
2 days ago
bellingcat - Fire on the Border: Analyzing Venezuela’s February 23 Border Clashes - bellingcat
NYT: It's Maduro! Maduro: it's the NYT! Bellingcat: Latin America's worst rioter threw and missed
bellingcat  venezuela 
2 days ago
'At the very heart of Europe': New Evidence on John Major's Foreign Policy | Wilson Center
The Major papers have particular value in that they include in-depth discussions over the future of Europe and its place in the world. Time and again, Helmut Kohl and John Major had time on their own without a pre-scheduled agenda. Thus, both were able to have wide-ranging tour d’horizons over issues of international change and Europe’s transformation.
europe  helmutkohl  johnmajor  history 
2 days ago
James Brokenshire’s Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and the Treasury revealed they had carried out analysis of the bid
Yorkshire isn't allowed to know why they were turned down, in order to help with negotiations, because if they knew what the sticking point was they might be able to get it
yorkshire  tories  oneyorkshire  devolution 
2 days ago
Meteor blast over Bering Sea was 10 times size of Hiroshima | Science | The Guardian
Unlike the Chelyabinsk meteor, which was captured on CCTV, mobile phones and car dashboard cameras, the December arrival from outer space went largely unnoticed at the time because it exploded in such a remote location // til: there are places remote enough nobody notices a 173kt airburst!
meteor  science  kaboom 
2 days ago
Flawed analysis, failed oversight: How Boeing, FAA certified the suspect 737 MAX flight control system | The Seattle Times
After the Lion Air Flight 610 crash, Boeing for the first time provided to airlines details about MCAS. Boeing’s bulletin to the airlines stated that the limit of MCAS’s command was 2.5 degrees.

That number was new to FAA engineers who had seen 0.6 degrees in the safety assessment.
boeing  737max  mcas  journalism 
3 days ago
Otters Leave Behind Their Own Archaeological Record - D-brief
Over time, the act of cracking shells against fixed stones left behind distinctive wear patterns on the rocks.

Plus, the way the otters smashed mussels in particular resulted in a consistent breakage pattern in the shells.
otter  archaeology 
5 days ago
AT&T mixes industry verticals and digital tech to brew-up new supply-chain magic
In particular, LTE-M is is well suited for cellular LPWA applications to go on the open road; where NB-IoT is better for low-power, as a fit-and-forget tech, LTE-M is geared for mobility.

He references a deal with UK firm RM2 to provide connectivity to reusable pallets. Traditional wooden pallets, porous and less robust, pose challenges for logistics operators because they risk contamination and are liable to fail, and need replacing. RM2 produces reusable pallets from composite materials. AT&T is embedding an LTE-M based track-and-trace module in them.
att  lte-m  nb-iot  pallets  iot  logistics  ovum 
5 days ago
Private networks and public slices will combine in hybrid industrial 5G, says Nokia
How many private LTE networks has it deployed for industry so far, roughly? “The pipeline is significant,” he says. What about deployments? Ten, 50, 100? “It is not 10, and it is not 50.”
nokia  privatemobile  lte  ovum 
6 days ago
Cincinnati Bell division CBTS bows new open source reference architecture | FierceTelecom
CBTS' new 10GB XGS-PON access solution, CO-OLT24XG-PON, is an OCP and OpenCORD-compatible PON access platform designed for remote terminal (RT) and/or central office applications. It works with SDN controllers from OpenDaylight and ONOS as well as commercial sourced controllers.
cbts  cord  r-cord  nfv  sdn  opensource  onos  ovum  voltha 
6 days ago
Charter and other cable companies could ditch video, and it might not be a bad thing, analyst says | FierceVideo
But Moffett points out that smaller cable companies are seeing their video subscriber bases evaporate much faster than their larger peers, and that is by choice. While Comcast and Charter’s video subscriber losses are tracking at 1.7% and 1.4% respectively, Cable One’s annual declines are at 10.3% and Mediacom’s are at 5.5%.

Cable One management told MoffettNathanson that it loses money on every individual subscriber.
comcast  charter  cablecos  video  ovum 
6 days ago
Marek's Take—Is Dish getting serious about its future 5G network? | FierceWireless
And Ergen believes that because Dish isn’t a traditional wireless operator that its NB-IoT network will be evaluated more closely than others. “I think we’re coming under a different level of scrutiny than probably any other wireless provider has,” he said.

But others dispute that claim. Berge Ayvazian, principal consultant at Wireless 20/20, said that he doesn’t think Dish has had enough scrutiny from the FCC. “If they had they wouldn’t be where they are,” he said.
dish  spectrum  fcc  satellitecowboy 
6 days ago
Cloud Loss Could Add 8 Degrees to Global Warming | Quanta Magazine
Yikes. That said, as Mike Mann says, if we're on a 1990 BAU trajectory in 2100 we're more than shagged, and as Jim Hansen says, doing that means burning more coal than there is coal
climate  clouds  science 
6 days ago
“Recalculating Route”: A Realistic Risk Assessment for GPS
Complete denial of GPS — via kinetic or cyber attack — while maybe technically possible, is implausible as it would connote an enormous, perhaps even apocalyptic, escalation.
GPS  satellite  space  deterrence  strategy 
6 days ago
No End in Sight to Venezuela’s Blackout, Experts Warn - The New York Times
Restarting the turbines requires skilled operators who can synchronize the speed of rotation on as many as nine of Guri’s operational turbines. Experts said the most experienced operators have long left the company because of meager wages and an atmosphere of paranoia fed by Mr. Maduro’s ever-present secret police.
venezuela  electricity  pathology 
6 days ago
Wider definition of harm can be manipulated to restrict media freedom - Index on Censorship Index on Censorship
The existence of more moderators is not evidence that the laws work,” said Ginsberg. “Evidence would be if more harmful content had been removed and if lawful speech flourished. Given that there is no effective mechanism for challenging decisions made by operators, it is impossible to tell how much lawful content is being removed in Germany. But the fact that Russia, Singapore and the Philippines have all cited the German law as a positive example of ways to restrict content online should give us pause.”
6 days ago
Guide to Richmond, North Yorkshire
In general, people from my school fell into one of two camps: people who wanted to stay there forever, and people who wanted to leave as fast as they could.
6 days ago
Ex-MI5 chief avoided minister's funeral after child abuse claims | UK news | The Guardian
It’s an insight into my feelings,” Manningham-Buller said. “By the end of the 80s ... my friendship with Peter Morrison was withering.

“He was seeking to give the impression that I was his girlfriend which was not accurate. The allegations [of paedophile activity] which I did not know the truth of ... made me uncomfortable.”
noncesense  tories  morrison  mi5 
6 days ago
In potential boost for private LTE, FCC proposes reconfiguring 900 MHz spectrum - RCR Wireless News
The FCC NPRM adoption represents a win for pdvWireless, which is a major spectrum holder at 900 MHz and has advocated for years for a broadband allocation within the band in order to support private LTE for utilities and other industrial users. Back in the days of Nextel, Sprint used holdings in the 896-901/935-940 MHz to operate its iDEN network. In 2014, that Nextel spectrum was acquired by PDV, which is headed up by a number of former Nextel executives, including two of Nextel’s co-founders.
lte  privatemobile  900mhz  pdvWireless  ovum 
6 days ago
The Mobile Network » Rakuten makes a real racket about its virtual network at MWC
How many radio heads will you install?
“If you look at the scale, roughly speaking 37,000 eNodeB times three [111,000] is the amount of radio heads we will have just for LTE only. It’s very large.”
rakuten  oran  vran  5g  ovum  scalability 
7 days ago
An Unusual Evolutionary Experiment - The Atlantic
C. columbae and C. wolffhuegeli have been evolving independently for at least 20 million years, but in just four years, the former had changed enough to resemble the latter in color (although many other differences separate the two species).
7 days ago
Bringing An Inuit Language Into The Digital Age | HuffPost
“The idea is that when shamans are in their trance, they can go anywhere around the world, including the moon,” Eva says. “When our elders heard there was the first man on the moon, they said, ‘They are not the first. We have been there and done that,’ because shamans have been there. Shamans would travel in a trance; if they want to check on their family far away, they can visit them and see how they’re doing.”

“While their body is right here,” says Leena.

“That’s what internet does, eh?” says Eva, “Especially with Facebook now, too, you can see how your family is doing.”
language  inuit 
7 days ago
In The Great Blackout, Caracas Steakhouses Are Busier Than Ever - Bloomberg
The staff at Maute Grill never stopped uncorking the bottles of fine Chilean reds. The place was packed at night, and the lights were on, while every inch of Caracas without a generator was in the dark.

The famed steakhouse has one, of course. “We’re attending to a specific kind of clientele,” said Ramon Villarreal, a waiter serving up sirloin steak and pork tenderloin to the lunch crowd Tuesday. “But there has been a flood of people.”
7 days ago
Venezuela, Seeking Blame for Blackout, Finds Culprit in Opposition Leader - The New York Times
Early Tuesday, Ms. Soto and several witnesses said, 16 heavily armed secret police officers brought her handcuffed husband home with a search warrant, taking all his electronic equipment and all the family’s cash savings
7 days ago
Greitens | China Leadersip Monitor
For instance, one recent profile of a Nanjing grid manager praises her for preventing a resident from organizing a group of petitioners who planned to travel to Beijing. She did this by visiting the home of the resident with a mediator and a local public security official (tiaojieyuan, 调解员 and minjing, 民警) to discuss his concerns and caution him of the “severe consequences and risks” (yanzhong houguo he weihai, 严重后果和危害) from seeking extreme solutions to his problem.[lvii] Indeed, one of the explicitly stated purposes of grid management is to give local officials better information early on, thereby providing them with the capacity to respond preventively to potential sources of social unrest.[l
china  cops  surveillance  security  mgi 
7 days ago
We tracked 25,688 abusive tweets sent to women MPs – half were directed at Diane Abbott
This is terrible, but it also shows up the weakness of automated content moderation. A third of flagged tweets are false positives, while less than half of bad tweets are flagged.
hatespeech  moderation  machinelearning  statistics 
8 days ago
Deciphering the Hidden Messages Around Ilhan Omar – Hmm Daily
The structure of this belief system is a familiar one. Omar is assumed to be concealing her real, malevolent agenda—an agenda which is part of her religion’s worldwide scheme to undermine and dominate others. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Her loyalties are divided; her allegiance is not to the American mainstream.
antisemitism  racism 
8 days ago
Infrared Mice. Wait, What? | Ultraphyte
So the researchers injected upconversion nanoparticles into the retinas of mices. The nanoparticles coated the mouse photoreceptor cells, where they could absorb infrared and emit light in the visible range (green). When the mice were given green light (535 nanometers wavelength) they produced electrical signals. And when the nanoparticle-injected mice were exposed to near-infrared light (980 nm) them also produced electrical signals–in response to the green light emitted by upconversion of the nanoparticles.
mice  science  nanotech  vision 
8 days ago
Struck by a Thunderbolt | Light Blue Touchpaper
On MacOS and FreeBSD, our network card was able to start arbitrary programs as the system administrator, and on Linux it had access to sensitive kernel data structures. Additionally, on MacOS devices are not protected from one another, so a network card is allowed to read the display contents and keystrokes from a USB keyboard.

Worst of all, on Linux we could completely bypass the enabled IOMMU, simply by setting a few option fields in the messages that our malicious network card sent.
security  thunderbolt  usb  usb-c 
8 days ago
Want a Foldable Phone? Hold Out for Real Glass | WIRED
“In a display application, you’re putting transistors on the glass. Transistors hate salt: Sodium, potassium, anything from the salt family will eat away a transistor,” Bayne says. “For this family of glasses to work, you have to have these components in the glass that are incompatible with transistors.”

Corning’s ultrathin, bendable glass attempts to square that circle but hasn’t quite yet.
glass  corning  materials  apple  samsung  foldable  ovum 
8 days ago
Downing Street mandarin Lord Powell was 'mentor’ to son of China murder suspect - Telegraph
Mandrake can disclose that Lord Powell of Bayswater, the former Downing Street official, acted as a “mentor” to Bo Guagua, whose mother, Gu Kailai, was arrested last week on suspicion of killing Heywood.

The peer, who, as Charles Powell, was private secretary to Margaret Thatcher and then John Major while they were in Number 10, is said to have been a “father figure” to Guagua while he was a student at Harrow School and then at Balliol College, Oxford.

“I know the boy through his father and saw him from time to time when he was studying at Oxford,” Lord Powell tells me.

Guagua’s father is Bo Xilai
bxl  china  powell  corruption 
8 days ago
Elmar Brok: Briten werden "in zehn Jahren wieder Beitrittsantrag stellen" - Europapolitik - › International
Mit der Direktwahl waren plötzlich Leute da, die Biss und Ehrgeiz hatten, hauptberuflich tätig. Ein starker Antrieb waren die Briten, vor allem die Konservativen, die treibende Kräfte im Parlament waren.
Europe  Tories  history 
8 days ago
Empathy is Not Charity by Patricia Snow | Articles | First Things
In his recent book Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion, Yale psychologist Paul Bloom summarizes the experimental evidence and concludes that empathy, strictly defined, “[corrodes] personal relationships; it exhausts the spirit and can diminish the force of kindness and love.” F
empathy  God 
8 days ago
EXCLUSIF. Comment Emmanuel Macron prépare un référendum en secret
Crazed. Yards of careful strategizing but no mention of what it's a referendum about
macron  referendum  France 
8 days ago
Flying & Fighting in the Harrier: RAF pilot interview | Hush-Kit
So four control strategies with just one of the three hand controllers (stick, throttle, nozzle lever) in under 30 seconds while trying to execute a precise landing with little margin for error
harrier  aviation  vstol 
8 days ago
Xinjiang detention camps may be phased out, governor suggests | World news | The Guardian
“In general there will be fewer and fewer students in the centres. If one day our society doesn’t need them, the education and training centres will disappear,” said Shohrat Zakir the governor of the region and its most senior Uighur official.
8 days ago
Industrial companies are building private networks because they have to, says Nokia
“They want low latencies because OT protocols are demanding in terms of feedback, and they want high fidelity positioning because machinery and assets get moved around,” explains Kitts.

“LTE delivers these things – alongside high resiliency and availability, and benefits from being untethered.”
But while the door is slamming open for some, it is out of reach for others. The biggest operators are in a position to push through it, he suggests, and mix advanced LTE with industrial control.

“Normally the number one and two operators in a country have the capability in terms of system integration and enterprise know-how.”
nokia  lte  privatemobile  5g  ovum 
8 days ago
China to invest $134-223 billion in 5G networks during 2020-2025: report
No idea what they are basing this on, but they anticipate a couple of interesting things - first of all a very decent return on investment, secondly, about a third of the economic value ending up in the telco sector
china  5g  ovum  capex 
8 days ago
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