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For blind Facebook users, ads haven't been labeled as ads — Quartz
페이스북이 저시력자나 시각장애인을 위한 스크린 리더를 통해 광고 포스트와 친구의 게시물을 구분하지 않았다고
facebook  blind  qz  ad  screen  reader  sponsored 
7 weeks ago by yun
"A swipe that felt perfect to the hand..."
"A swipe that felt perfect to the hand...": Kyle Vanhemert spoke with Square’s VP of hardware, Jesse Dorogusker, about their new card reader: The redesign also gave Dorogusker and company a chance to tweak the feel of the swipe itself, which is a crucial detail that makes the product itself feel
design  square  reader  spring  feel  UX  parislemon  MG 
december 2013 by yun
Reading into Google Reader’s Story
"The app seemed content with presenting one of the steepest learning curves of any browser-based software I can recall outside of the enterprise space. It did virtually nothing (or nothing effective, anyway) to help new users build a workable understanding of how RSS works and why they should use it. And it did almost even less to help those users build a mental model of how Google Reader itself worked."
critic  google  google_reader_debacle  reader  subtraction  ui  ux  interaction_design 
march 2013 by yun
Why RSS still matters
the verge에서 아직 RSS가 중요한 이유
그리고 트위터가 대체제가 될 수 없음

"Twitter is realtime and RSS is time-shifted"
"Just tell these same people you’re taking their DVR away and see what happens."
"Plus, let's face it, Google Reader was always an ugly and hard-to-use product."
RSS  Google_Reader_Alternative  Google_Reader_Debacle  google  reader  The_Verge  twitter 
march 2013 by yun
When Even Billions of Dollars Won’t Support Free — The Brooks Review
"Free is fickle, free is fragile, and now tons of users and developers are paying the price for relying on a free service."
TBR  Ben_Brooks  TheBrooksReview  Google  Reader  Google_Reader_Debacle  Freemium  business_model  gmail  3rd_party 
march 2013 by yun
On Twitter as an RSS Alternative
트위터가 RSS대용품이 될 수 없는 이유
RSS  Google  Reader  Twitter  apocalypse  Google_Reader_Debacle 
march 2013 by yun

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