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Privacy for anyone anywhere
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just now by ianchanning
Rundtour Planen – komoot Feedback & Hilfe
licks und der Auswahl "Rundtour" (diese erscheint, sobald du den ersten Punkt der Tour gesetzt ha
just now by hansdorsch
EDM - Psytrance - YouTube - YouTube
EDM - Psytrance
20 videos 91 views Last updated on 8 Jan 2018
just now by will.brien
China’s LGBT activists break away from Western agenda, bring their own experience to the world - Global Times
Like Ripley, today, a growing number of Chinese LGBT groups and related NGOs are making a more noteworthy presence on the world stage. In addition to their signatures, many also provide training courses for foreign LGBT groups to "impart Chinese experiences in the LGBT movement," as well as actively participate in the world LGBT agenda. "It is a new era for China's LGBT groups. In the beginning we only cared about HIV/AIDS prevention so our motivation to go out to the world stage wasn't strong. But now our concerns are more diversified, which require more international communications," said Ah Qiang, a well-known gay rights activist and founder of PFLAG China, an NGO focusing on helping parents of gay men.
just now by bbishop
5 ways China can retaliate to U.S. protectionist tariff on solar panels: newspaper - Xinhua
The article asked if the move was "indeed a trade war with China or just early steps headed in that direction," and said China's Ministry of Commerce should resort to regular countermoves.

It listed five measures it said China should not hesitate to take "the next time they levy tariffs against China." These are: raising health and safety standards for U.S. beef exports to China, limiting the volume of U.S. exports of electric and mechanical parts and other accessories, regulating Airbus or Boeing purchases, regulating the number of Chinese students studying in the U.S., and selling some U.S. treasury bonds.
1 minute ago by bbishop
I created a thorough FOG Server tutorial - Repost! : sysadmin
Also, a important factor to consider is the DHCP situation you are in. If you want to Network PXE boot into your FOG Server, the Network has to somehow know how to handle this PXE Boot Request coming from a client.

I use pfSense as a router and it is no problem whatsoever to set it up to cooperate with FOG. You simply need to add a forwarder to your FOG Server in your pfSense DHCP Settings that point clients to your FOG Server IP for PXE requests. I will show you exactly how to do that in this tutorial.
1 minute ago by will.brien
When you love somebody then you stay by blahblahblahcollapse [Archive of Our Own]
Steve is sick and tired of Hawkins, Indiana. This is something he and Billy Hargrove share in common. It gives them something to bond over, and before he knows it, Steve is considering Billy Hargrove his friend. He must be even more lonely than he thought.

Steve learns pretty quickly that Billy has a lot of demons that haunt him, but what Billy doesn't know is just how many haunt Steve, too.

(Title is from the song Love Somebody by Ta-ku and Wafia)
WIP  strangerthings  billy/steve  30k-35k  a.blahblahblahcollapse  2018-01 
1 minute ago by pastself
Intel Is Putting You In The Winter Olympics Thanks To VR | Digital Trends
How Intel will plunk you into South Korean snow by streaming the Olympics in VR
IFTTT  Feedly  Top  10  Article 
1 minute ago by pricepoints
Lucien Minds his Mental Health - YouTube
Humoriste Néo-Brunzwickois, ref. Peter Kuling
1 minute ago by jflachap
Interaction Flow Kit for Sketch — Free Download – MOBGEN — Part of Accenture Interactive – Medium
"We’ve created a Sketch library to help creating flows inside Sketch easier and faster. Now you can have your screens, wireframes, interaction flows and sitemaps all in one Sketch file — safe in the knowledge that everything is in sync!"
2018  sketch  ux 
2 minutes ago by kevka
China Focus: China strengthens property rights protection to enhance entrepreneurial confidence - Xinhua
The Central Political and Legal Work Conference which opened in Beijing this week has sent a strong signal that the government will take more measures to shore up property rights to raise people's sense of wealth security.

The conference has highlighted that the country will attach greater importance to the protection of property rights, vowing to accelerate the retrials of major property-ownership-related cases to boost business confidence and foster positive market expectations.

"We will safeguard entrepreneurs' personal rights, property rights, and right to dignity to make them feel safer and more secure," Guo Shengkun, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and head of the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the committee, stressed during the conference.
2 minutes ago by bbishop
CPC paper reminisces about Xi's early political career - Xinhua
A Communist Party of China (CPC) newspaper is publishing a series of interviews on the political career of President Xi Jinping in Zhengding County in the 1980s. The first installment on Wednesday features Cheng Baohuai, former head of the county, who talked about his memories of Xi in an interview with the Study Times, a weekly newspaper affiliated to the Party School of the CPC Central Committee. From March 1982 to May 1985, Xi was deputy secretary and then secretary of the CPC Zhengding County Committee in north China's Hebei Province. He has referred to the location as the starting point of his political career. “正定确实是近平同志从政起步的地方”
2 minutes ago by bbishop
Population estimator
Draw an area on the map and it will return an estimation of the population of that area.
demographics  geography  population  nasa  data  society  geodata  maps 
3 minutes ago by garrettc
According to TRENDMICRO Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks could reach $ 9 billion in 2018Security Affairs
The report lists how BEC attacks are usually conducted. The techniques are: Bogus invoice scheme, CEO fraud, Account compromise, Attorney impersonation and Data Theft. The report highlight that these attacks can be classified into two major groups: Credential grabbing and email only.
3 minutes ago by mhaemmerle
China determined to remove institutional barriers through reform - Xinhua
China will target institutional barriers and deeply embedded interests in reform this year, said a statement from a Communist Party of China (CPC) reform leading group on Tuesday.

Priority should be given to reforms in key areas including state-owned enterprises and state-owned assets, monopoly sectors, finance and taxation, property rights protection, rural revitalization, social security, opening up, and ecological conservation, according to the statement issued after the second meeting of the Leading Group for Deepening Overall Reform of the 19th CPC Central Committee.


Chinese leaders also approved a guideline on establishing a mechanism to appropriately solve trade and investment disputes among the Belt and Road countries according to law.

China will tighten the examination of transferring intellectual property rights (IPR) to foreigners, particularly those concerning state security, according to a regulation adopted at the meeting.

Other measures outlined at Tuesday's meeting include reform of Confucius institutes, basic pension schemes, management of important scientific data, and supply of generic drugs.

Senior officials Li Keqiang, Zhang Gaoli, Wang Yang and Wang Huning attended the meeting.

习近平主持召开中央全面深化改革领导小组第二次会议强调 思想再解放改革再深入工作再抓实 推动全面深化改革在新起点上实现新突破
3 minutes ago by bbishop
Home | Laws of UX
"Laws of UX is a collection of the key maxims that designers must consider when building user interfaces."

Fitt’s Law
Hick’s Law
Jakob’s Law
Law of Prägnanz
Law of Proximity
Miller’s Law
Parkinson’s Law
Serial Position Effect
Tesler’s Law
Von Restorff Effect
2018  design  inspiration  ux 
4 minutes ago by kevka
Damage Control (comics) - Wikipedia
They did have this crew

— Beddy (@LanceCalhoon) January 24, 2018
4 minutes ago by mikelynch
A Message to Our Customers - Apple (UK)
We’ve been hearing feedback from our customers about the way we handle performance for iPhones with older batteries and how we have communicated that process. We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologise. There’s been a lot of misunderstanding about this issue, so we would like to clarify and let you know about some changes we’re making.
Apple  PR  PublicRelation  Batteries  BatteryLife  Performance  iPhone  iPhone6  iPhone6S  iPhone7  iPhoneSE  iOS  iOS10  iOS11  Technology 
5 minutes ago by dk33per
Nvidia Share - Wikipedia
Nvidia Share (formerly Nvidia ShadowPlay) is a hardware-accelerated screen recording utility for Windows PCs using GeForce GPUs, made by Nvidia Corp as part of its GeForce Experience software. It can be configured to record continuously a time behind, allowing the user to save the video retroactively. Share is supported for any Nvidia GTX 600 series card or higher.[1]
6 minutes ago by will.brien
!一发完  type:段子  -盾冬 
6 minutes ago by stuckystucky
Enter - Frēsh 18
"Frēsh is a brand new global awards showcase to discover and celebrate outstanding creative talent without boundaries or borders."
2018  awards  events  showcase 
6 minutes ago by kevka
3D for Designers
Simple and effective tutorial for combining After Effects with C4DLite
2018  3d  tutorial  c4d 
7 minutes ago by kevka
【盾冬】Mind palace-Qutie
base:队2  !一发完  -盾冬 
7 minutes ago by stuckystucky
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