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Psychedelic Country Soul - The Long Ryders | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic
Good music is often the product of unexpected alliances and strange bedfellows, so it makes a certain perverse sense that in 2019 Paisley Underground heroes and alt-country progenitors the Long Ryders released their first studio album in 32 years, and in a roundabout way we have gangsta rap icon Dr. Dre to thank for it. In the '80s, Larry Chatman was part of the Long Ryders' road crew, and he's since gone on to become Dr. Dre's personal assistant, helping to oversee Dre's Los Angeles recording studio, Record One. Chatman was able to stake his old friends in the Long Ryders to some studio time at Record One, and the result is the band's comeback album, 2019's Psychedelic Country Soul. While the Long Ryders had staged periodic reunion tours since they called it quits in 1987 (most recently in 2016, following the release of the box set Final Wild Songs), heading out to play material from the back catalog and recording a fresh batch of songs are two very different things, and given the circumstances that prompted its creation, one would be forgiven for expecting this project to sound a little stiff or tossed off. Thankfully, those expectations would be dead wrong. Psychedelic Country Soul is every bit as satisfying as 1984's Native Sons and 1987's Two-Fisted Tales, and it's within throwing distance of their best album, 1985's State of Our Union. This is a somewhat more subdued album than what the Ryders delivered in their salad days, with fewer fist-pumping anthems in the manner of "Looking for Lewis and Clark" and more contemplative, midtempo numbers (though their tribute to the love of music and the music of love, "The Sound," comes close). But "What the Eagle Sees" and "Greenville" show that this band can still turn up the heat when they want, and even at its quietest, Psychedelic Country Soul sounds deeply committed and from the heart. They connect especially well on the country-flavored jangle pop of "Greenville," the moody and lovelorn folk-rock of "Molly Somebody," the fiddle-infused acoustic heartbreak of "If You Want to See Me Cry," and the litany of modern injustices in "Bells of August." All four members of the band -- vocalist and guitarist Sid Griffin, guitarist and vocalist Stephen McCarthy, bassist Tom Stevens, and drummer Greg Sowders -- contributed to the songwriting, and the sound and feel of the music is a joyous re-creation of what they've always done best, while the performances are crisp and energized, as taut and passionate as ever. And Ed Stasium's production is smooth but natural, flattering these musicians without intruding on the natural punch of their music. In 2019, the Long Ryders have an awful lot to say, and on Psychedelic Country Soul they're sharing their message with the heart and soul that made them great. It was real nice of Dr. Dre to give them a chance to put it all on tape.
music  ryders  alt-country  2010s  review  reunion 
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Marks Top 10 on Spotify
Marks Top 10
By Nils Naber
Marks Top-Ten-Songs as told to the german magazine "Musikexpress" in 2014.
Slip Inside This House - Stereo LP Version
The 13th Floor Elevators • Easter Everywhere
Some Misunderstanding
Gene Clark • No Other
Southern Butterfly
Tim Hardin • Bird On A Wire
Mother of Earth
The Gun Club • Miami
Lonely Street
Andy Williams • Best Of Andy Williams
Shanty Man's Life
Dave Van Ronk • Inside Dave Van Ronk
Together Again
Buck Owens • All-Time Greatest Hits
Serge Gainsbourg • Intégrale
Scott Walker • Scott 4
Bleecker Street
Simon & Garfunkel • Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.
music  playlist  top_ten  spotify  lanegan  songs  2010s  magazine 
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2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Track Test Review: McQueen Fan or No, a Special Edition Muscle Car Worth the Upcharge - The Drive
You can't say "Bullitt" without saying "Steve McQueen," but the real star here is Ford's 480-hp Coyote V-8. 
As the Matchbox toys of the automotive world, American muscle cars are ripe for experimentation—or exploitation—in the form of special editions. Get it right, and you end up with a Plymouth Superbird, a future collectible and classic. Get it wrong, and you end up with a 1998 Corvette Indy Pace Car, a purple-and-yellow poseur with as much class as a Franklin Mint collector plate.
The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt is no Superbird in terms of investment potential; not least because Ford will build many more over a two-year run than the mere 135 Hemi Superbirds produced in 1970. But kudos to Ford for offering the Bullitt exclusively as a fastback coupe (no convertible) with a six-speed manual transmission, a vote for authenticity over incremental sales. 
Since no Bullitt review can last two sentences without dropping the words “Steve McQueen” and “iconic,” this Mustang’s backstory and provenance, it must be said, is pure marketing hokum: A tie-in with McQueen’s Bullitt, a forgettable 1968 movie with one unforgettable car chase in a fastback Mustang GT390. If Jeep decided to sell a Jurassic Park-edition Wrangler, it would amount to precisely the same thing, yet car fans would bare their teeth and roar for Jeep’s blood like so many T.rexes.   
cars  mustang  2010s  movies  review  driving  the_drive  video 
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Interview: Sid Griffin on the new Long Ryders album - Louder Than War | Louder Than War
Sid Griffin takes the time to answer Louder Than War’s questions ahead of the release of the Long Ryders ‘ first album in thirty years. “Psychedelic Country Soul” is out on February the 15th on Cherry Red Records.
Hi Sid, thanks for taking the time to answer questions from LTW. We left the Long Ryders on a high two years ago with the success of The Final Wild Songs box and a successful European tour. What happened in the aftermath that led the band to record this new album ?
SID – As you might have heard we had no plans to make a new album. Certainly Stephen McCarthy was the first to say he was tired of playing the old songs live. Then Greg Sowders, our drummer, said the same thing. I was the third to crack when on the 2016 dates I realized I was soooooooo very tired of playing Run Dusty Run and Ivory Tower it wasn’t funny. I know those are some people’s favourite songs, Spotify plays show this, but I simply cannot keep on playing them till I die. I was not built that way. So we obviously needed new songs.
music  alt-country  ryders  2010s  interview 
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Veracity - Rise - YouTube
I was kinda into this as Tsubasa's hockey theme song on Terrace House, and apparently they're a xtian group, and... still feel the need to bookmark it
veracity  rise  youtube  music  audio  pop  rock  terrace_house  2016  2010s 
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0DAYROX ► Melodic Rock, AOR, Hard Rock, Prog, Classic Rock news: dUg PINNICK - Tribute To Jimi [Often Imitated But Never Duplicated] (2018)
Renowned King’s X front-man dUg PINNICK released “Tribute to Jimi (Often Imitated but Never Duplicated)" a special limited print tribute album to the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. “Tribute to Jimi” was recorded at Blacksound Studios, Pasadena, CA and was co-produced by dUg and Michael Parnin, and mastered by Kurdt Vanderhoof (Metal Church).
About the release dUg states, "I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, so when Joe at Rat Pak Records brought the idea up to me, I couldn’t wait to get started! We wanted to recreate the analog recording process as closely to the original recordings as possible, so we did our research and tried to use as many of the original effects and equipment that we could find.
I’m very happy with how this turned out and I hope everyone enjoys listening to this music as much as I enjoyed recording it in memory of Jimi Hendrix!”
And they made it indeed. All these classics from 'Crosstown Traffic' and 'Purple Haze' to 'All Along The Watchtower' and 'Voodoo Child (Slight Return)' sound darn close to the originals, replicating that atmosphere and bulb-amp guitar sound.
dUg's voice sounds similar to Hendrix to begin and the band did an amazing job with the arrangements and sound.
If you like Hendrix's music (who doesn't), the vibe of the music we love when all this started, all done with respect and integrity, “Tribute to Jimi (Often Imitated but Never Duplicated)" is a must listen.
music  hard_rock  psych_rock  hendrix  download  2010s 
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How running websites has changed in the last two decades (for an Ars IT guru) | Ars Technica
Ars' IT guru Jason Marlin has 20+ years in information infrastructure—game's changed a bit.
I was a true nerd growing up in the 1980s—not in the hipster way but in the 10-pound-issue-of-Computer-Shopper-under-my-arm way (these things were seriously huge). I was thoroughly addicted to BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems) by the time I was 10. Maybe it's no surprise I ended up as a technical director for a science and tech site.
In fact, I'd actually draw a direct line between the job of managing your own BBS (aka SysOping) to managing a modern Web infrastructure. And with everyone around Ars looking back given the site's 20th anniversary, let's make that line a bit clearer. It won't be an exhaustive history of websites, but here's how my own experiences with managing websites have evolved in the past two decades—plus how the tools and thinking have changed over time, too.
web-dev  IT/IS  90s  2000s  2010s 
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CBS All Access confirms Star Trek: Discovery spinoff with Michelle Yeoh | Ars Technica
New series will focus on Captain Georgiou's adventures with Starfleet's Section 31.
Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery debuts January 17, and CBS All Access just confirmed to Deadline Hollywood that it will be producing a spinoff series starring Michelle Yeoh. Yeoh plays Federation Captain Philippa Georgiou on the series; rumors that the character would get a spinoff surfaced in November. This should hopefully blunt fan disappointment over the shelving of a planned Star Trek 4  movie (a sequel to Star Trek Beyond).
(Some spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery below.)
The spinoff will be co-produced by Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt and will focus on Capt. Georgiou's work with Starfleet's secretive Section 31 (long part of the Star Trek canon since it was first introduced on Deep Space Nine in the 1990s). The original Capt. Georgiou died early on in Season 1 but soon reappeared via a mirror universe, and she has been a fan favorite ever since. Georgiou was approached by Section 31 in the season finale, and since she appears in teaser trailers for the upcoming season, it's safe to assume Yeoh will still show up occasionally on Discovery.
tv  streaming  star_trek  2010s 
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EWG Tap Water Database | New York City System
Chromium (hexavalent)
Dichloroacetic acid
Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs)
Trichloroacetic acid

eeeverythiiiiiiing gives you cancer
nyc  water  health  safety  chemical  2017  2010s  epa  cancer  contamination  environment  reference 
5 weeks ago by cluebucket
The Long Ryders Return With Help From Dr. Dre: Listen to New Song 'Greenville' (Exclusive) | Billboard
The Americana vets release their first album of all-new material in 30 years on Feb. 15.
Boredom with playing only old songs during periodic reunions combined with an unexpected opportunity courtesy of Dr. Dre sent The Long Ryders back into the studio for Psychedelic Country Soul, the Americana outfit’s first new album of original material in more than 30 years.
The set’s opening track, "Greenville," premieres exclusively below.
The impetus was a May 2016 call to frontman Sid Griffin from Larry Chatman, a Long Ryders crew member during the ‘80s who'd gone on to work in a key capacity with Dr. Dre. "Larry kept telling me these last 20 years or so that he never forgot how kind The Long Ryders were to him and he'd pay us back one day," Griffin tells Billboard. "I thought maybe he'd give us a thousand bucks or something one day.
"So he calls me and says, 'Later on this fall, Dr. Dre has some studio time free and I'd like to gift it to you guys if you wanted to come in and make a record.' I said, 'You're kidding me!' and he said, 'No.' It's a great state-of-the-art place, and we could use the big room there 'cause Dr. Dre mainly uses the smaller rooms. I just couldn't believe it."
music  alt-country  ryders  2010s  reunion  songs 
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How This All Happened · Collaborative Fund
"This is a short story about what happened to the U.S. economy since the end of World War II."

"10. The Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, Brexit, and the rise of Donald Trump each represents a group shouting, “Stop the ride, I want off.”

The details of their shouting are different, but they’re all shouting – at least in part – because stuff isn’t working for them within the context of the post-war expectation that stuff should work roughly the same for roughly everyone.

You can scoff at linking the rise of Trump to income inequality alone. And you should. These things are always layers of complexity deep. But it’s a key part of what drives people to think, “I don’t live in the world I expected. That pisses me off. So screw this. And screw you! I’m going to fight for something totally different, because this – whatever it is – isn’t working.”

Take that mentality and raise it to the power of Facebook, Instagram, and cable news – where people are more keenly aware of how other people live than ever before. It’s gasoline on a flame. Benedict Evans says, “The more the Internet exposes people to new points of view, the angrier people get that different views exist.” That’s a big shift from the post-war economy where the range of economic opinions were smaller, both because the actual range of outcomes was lower and because it wasn’t as easy to see and learn what other people thought and how they lived.

I’m not pessimistic. Economics is the story of cycles. Things come, things go.

The unemployment rate is now the lowest it’s been in decades. Wages are now actually growing faster for low-income workers than the rich. College costs by and large stopped growing once grants are factored in. If everyone studied advances in healthcare, communication, transportation, and civil rights since the Glorious 1950s, my guess is most wouldn’t want to go back.

But a central theme of this story is that expectations move slower than reality on the ground. That was true when people clung to 1950s expectations as the economy changed over the next 35 years. And even if a middle-class boom began today, expectations that the odds are stacked against everyone but those at the top may stick around.

So the era of “This isnt working” may stick around.

And the era of “We need something radically new, right now, whatever it is” may stick around.

Which, in a way, is part of what starts events that led to things like World War II, where this story began.

History is just one damn thing after another."
history  economics  us  ww2  wwii  2018  morganhousel  debt  labor  work  credit  teaparty  donaldtrump  employment  unemployment  inequality  capitalism  1940s  1950s  1960s  1970s  1980s  2000s  2010s  expectations  behavior  highered  highereducation  education  communication  healthcare  housing  internet  web  online  complexity 
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2018: The year of the data breach tsunami - Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes Labs
It’s tough to remember all of the data breaches that happened in 2018. But when you look at the largest and most impactful ones that were reported throughout the year, it paints a grim picture about the state of data security today.
The consequences of major companies leaking sensitive data are many. For consumers, it represents a loss of privacy, potential identity theft, and countless hours repairing the damage to devices. And it’s costly for companies, too, in the form of bad press and the resulting damage to their reputation, as well as time and money spent to remediate the breach and ensure customers’ data is well secured in the future.
security  privacy  data  breach  infographic  2000s  2010s 
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The year 2018 in pictures: Part II - The Boston Globe
Photographs from July to December on a range of topics from around the world.
photography  news  big_picture  2010s 
7 weeks ago by rgl7194
The year 2018 in pictures: Part I - The Boston Globe
Photographs from January to June on a range of topics from around the world.
photography  news  big_picture  2010s 
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