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ITエンジニアが知っておきたい、軽減税率制度(のイヤなところ) - give IT a try
僕の妻は兵庫県西脇市で「Coupé Baguette(クープ バゲット)」という小さなパン屋さんを営んでいます。 その関係で、先日国税庁から消費税の軽減税率制度に関するお知らせが届きました。
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14 minutes ago by neotag
The Remnant Newspaper - Saul Alinsky and "Saint" Pope Paul VI: Genesis of the Conciliar Surrender to the World
The Revolutionary Fellowship of Pope Montini, Jacques Maritain and Saul Alinsky This article, adapted from a presentation given at the 2018 symposium of the Roman Forum at Lake Garda, examines the origin of the current unparalleled crisis in the Church at its origin: the neo-Modernist uprising
46 minutes ago by pfhawkins
Consulter le sujet - Comment utiliser mon autoclave pour faire des tomates italiennes :: Le Forum des Conserves Maison
L'année passée, j'ai préparé pour la première fois de ma vie des tomates en conserve. J'ai fait 17 pots en 2 jours de dure labeur en utilisant la technique de l'eau bouillante!!!
3 hours ago by plouf
Auguste de Villiers de L'Isle-Adam — Wikipédia
Villiers de L'Isle-Adam en 1886. Jean-Marie-Mathias-Philippe-Auguste de Villiers de L'Isle-Adam, dit le comte puis (à partir de 1846) le marquis de Villiers de L'Isle Adam, est un écrivain français d'origine bretonne[1], né à Saint-Brieuc, le 7 novembre 1838 et mort à Paris le 18 août 1889.
8 hours ago by plouf
Brett Kavanaugh Hit Piece By New York Times | National Review
Once again, the Left has taken a swing at one of the most qualified SCOTUS nominees in history. Once again, it has missed. What does the word “primarily” mean? If you look it up in a dictionary, the definition is plain enough. Merriam-Webster says it means “for the most part.” Dictionary.
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10 hours ago by WFreeland
Senate confirms more Trump judges | PBS NewsHour
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has put more judges on the circuit courts this far into his first two years than other administrations had, thanks to Senate Republicans.
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10 hours ago by WFreeland
In the Mesh – Understanding Mesh Networking, Part II
Mesh networks are an integral part of the burgeoning decentralization movement and critical to realizing its vision. In Part I (LINK) we discussed the history of mesh networks, and some challenges in making them work.
11 hours ago by kenyob
The Week in Tech: When to Tweet - The New York Times
Each week, technology reporters and columnists from The New York Times review the week’s news, offering analysis and maybe a joke or two about the most important developments in the tech industry. Want this newsletter in your inbox? Sign up here.
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12 hours ago by odelano

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