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Google Employees Are Organizing To Protest The Company’s Secret, Censored Search Engine For China
The monopoly employees are beginning to organize. But not about pay and time off. Rather the ethics of their company’s work.

Google employees aren’t the only tech workers who’ve been grappling with their responsibility for the tools they’re building, and talking about consolidating power in the workplace as a result. Following Google employees’ success with Maven, employees at Microsoft, Amazon, and Salesforce petitioned executives to cancel contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection, government agencies some employees are opposed to working with because of the forced separation of immigrant families happening at the US–Mexico border.
google  monopoly  business  culture  activism 
26 minutes ago by jefframnani
Google Cloud Console
Google cloud platform (GCP) management console
google  iaas  paas  Cloud 
15 hours ago by ktaylor
Brewing Calendar
Northern Brewer's Brew calendar
google  brewing  calendar 
17 hours ago by lokifoo
vs. Rivalry by Darol Lucas

Using , the figures for the leading search e…
SearchEngine  Google  Bing  from twitter
22 hours ago by jhill5
Sidewalk Labs Wants to Remake Toronto With Flexible Streets | WIRED
The hexagonal slices of wood don’t look like much. There’s the shape, sort of interesting in its architectural way, and the neutral wood color. A few are studded with bright, white lights, right in the center, which is fun.
cities  google  toronto 
23 hours ago by jeffhammond

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