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Alphabet Verily stops Smart Lens, glucose-measuring contact lens • CNBC
Christina Farr:
<p>Verily, Alphabet's life sciences arm, has paused work on its so-called "smart lens" program, which was aiming to put tiny sensors on contact lenses to measure blood sugar levels in tears.

If it worked, the lenses could help diabetics track their glucose levels in real time and in less invasive ways than the traditional meters that require piercing the skin. But in a blog post on Friday, Verily said that after four years of research it has determined that detecting blood sugar in tears is a massive — and potentially insurmountable — technical and scientific undertaking.

"Our clinical work on the glucose-sensing lens demonstrated that there was insufficient consistency in our measurements of the correlation between tear glucose and blood glucose concentrations to support the requirements of a medical device," the company said.</p>

This is <a href="">a project with a long, long heritage going back to 2004</a> and which has gone from the University of Waterloo to Microsoft Research and on to Google (and hence to Verily). Another big PR scheme bites the dust.
contactlens  google  glucose 
5 hours ago by charlesarthur
Google AI Blog: Improved Grading of Prostate Cancer Using Deep Learning
Approximately 1 in 9 men in the United States will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime, making it the most common cancer in males. (via Pocket at November 16, 2018 at 03:46PM )
google  ai  blog  ifttt  from_pocket 
8 hours ago by amaral
Google: Our DeepMind health slurp is completely kosher
DeepMind told The Reg: “It is false to say that Google is “absorbing” data. This data is not DeepMind’s or Google’s – it belongs to our partners, whether the NHS or internationally. We process it according to their instructions.”

That claim, echoed by DeepMind Health chief Dominic King, brought a swift correction from legal experts.

“It doesn’t belong to DeepMind’s partners, it belongs to the individuals,” Serena Tierney partner at lawyers VWV. “Those ‘partners’ may have limited rights, but it doesn’t belong to them.”
google  dataprotecttion  dataprotection  gdpr 
11 hours ago by terry
Like Mint &c, but syncs financial data to Google Sheets instead of a web app. I'm a huge fan of Sheets: it's a far more powerful product than you'd think, with strong scripting support and a pretty easy API. Using it for my own financial analysis seems perfect, looking forward to giving this a try.
data  spreadsheets  sheets  finance  money  google 
14 hours ago by jacobian
How a Bollywood Music Label Conquered YouTube - The New York Times
Although not widely known in the United States, T-Series, an Indian music label and film production company, has the most watched YouTube channel in the world. Its videos have been seen 53 billion times.
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14 hours ago by noiseguy
Google-tjänst som analyserar en sajts prestanda, tillgänglighet, sökoptimering etc.
google  site  performance  accessibility  web  analyze  measure  seo 
15 hours ago by oompoo

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