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justinsisley/mostly: They mostly come at night; mostly.

mostly is a full-stack web application starter kit built on Node.js. It uses Express for the server and React for the user interface.

Its purpose is to serve as a lightweight, easy-to-comprehend starting point, with a focus on providing a great developer experience while helping you get high quality and maintainable apps deployed rapidly.

Nothing is hidden, nothing is magical, and all of the "plumbing" is accessible and relatively simple.
javascript  nodejs  frameworks  reactjs  webdev  webapp  webpack 
1 hour ago by davidgasperoni
ServiceWorker Cookbook

The Service Worker Cookbook is a collection of working, practical examples of using service workers in modern web sites.
javascript  development  webdev  reference  pwa 
1 hour ago by davidgasperoni
Frontend Stuff (@moklick)
A continuously expanded list of frameworks, libraries and tools I used/want to use for building things on the web. Mostly Javascript stuff.
javascript  css  html  frontend  libraries  frameworks  awesome-list 
8 hours ago by shannonlucas
You Don't Know JS (book series)
This is a series of books diving deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language
javascript  ebooks 
8 hours ago by shannonlucas
A lightweight, dependency-free and responsive javascript plugin for particle backgrounds.
2d  graphics  animation  javascript  libraries  frontend 
8 hours ago by shannonlucas

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