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JavaScript Frameworks: Distribution Channels for Good Ideas
sure you can think of other examples of Google projects that have shown promise but had a hard time gaining traction because adoption was considered less important than engineering excellence. Counterintuitively, the decision to abandon consensus and race ahead alone ends up costing more time that it saves. While there are always outliers, by and large, incrementalism is the winning strategy on the web.
would love to see V8 incorporate benchmarks of large Ember, Angular and React apps in their performance suite. A JavaScript engine must be optimized for the code that exists, not the code you wish existed. It’s not okay to say “You’re slow on Chrome because you wrote slow code, rewrite your framework” when performance is so much better on other browsers.
performance  javascript  html5 
11 minutes ago by janpeuker
Handling Errors in JavaScript: the definite guide – gitconnected | Become a Better Developer
Following up on my last article, I want to talk about Errors. Errors are good — I’m sure you’ve heard that before. At first sight we fear Errors, because they often include being hurt or feeling humiliated in public. By doing Errors, we actually learn how not to do something and how to do it better next time.
This obviously is about learning from Errors (mistakes) in real life. Errors in programming are a bit different. They provide us with nice features to improve our code and tell the user when something is wrong (and maybe also to educate them on how to fix it).
React  Javascript 
2 hours ago by 1luke2
How to handle forms with just React
Ok, the title of this article is a bait. I’m actually going to tell you about how forms can be handled with… Javascript. And react is just going to help us stay declarative. That’s what it’s for, after all.
react  forms  javascript 
3 hours ago by spaceninja
Free and Open Source Web Builder Framework
Next generation tool for building templates without coding
Web  Development  Javascript  Open-Source  Builder  Template 
3 hours ago by haschek
lodash.isequal - npm
Can check if objects are equal. Though the deep one can check array of objects.
libraries  packages  npm  javascript  simple 
4 hours ago by skinnymuch

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