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Slow scrolling in vim due to cursorline and relativenumber
Slow scrolling in ruby files with syntax: on and set relativenumber
vi  vim  syntax  highlight  ruby  slow  performance  scroll  annoyance 
yesterday by christianmlong
Lazy Loading Video Based on Connection Speed
How to conditionally load a video based on connection speed using vanilla JavaScript and Promises.
lazyload  video  performance  javascript  html  interactive 
yesterday by skoolbus39
Contemporary Music: the Gateway to Contemporary Music Resources in France
Search the holdings of numerous French organizations, to find information about contemporary musical works (1945-present): their scores and sound recordings; performances and program notes; reviews and analyses; bibliographies of related research.
bibliography  discography  website  20th_century  21st_century  Europe  France  composition  music_theory  new_music  performance 
yesterday by HarvardMusicLib
JavaScript Start-up Optimization  |  Web Fundamentals  |  Google Developers
In this article, we’ll cover why a little discipline can help if you’d like your site to load and be interactive quickly on mobile devices. Delivering less JavaScript can mean less time in network transmission, less spent decompressing code and less time parsing and compiling this JavaScript.
javascript  performance 
yesterday by pupi

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