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Harry Potter and The Old Friend
An invitation to visit a muggle house in Surrey England, the next morning, the 25th July 1991, is received by Director Amelia Bones. It is the home of one Harry Potter. That visit changes everything.
HP  Harry/SusanB  adventure  85-90k  Complete  a:Sinyk 
1 hour ago by quiltedlives
Jungle Fever - cupidsbow - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Trapped deep in the Congo, Rodney McKay must rely on adventurer John Sheppard to survive!
f:sga  p:rodney/john  au  stargate!au  jungle  goauld  adventure 
20 hours ago by miss_speller
Chaosium Inc.
The grand, old RPG publishing house and—TSR gone to the great halls of Valhalla—the most storied of such remaining. The home of Call of Cthulhu, Runequest, Heroquest, others.
gaming  Runequest  publishinghouse  role-playing  heroquest  rpgs  fantasy  adventure  games  callofcthulhu  oldschool  chaosium  horror  glorantha 
yesterday by Puddingstone
GitHub - curiousdannii/parchment: The Interactive Fiction player for the web
Most of Parchment is BSD licenced, except for Gnusto which is GPL 2. Please use Parchment freely, but consider helping the community by sharing any changes you make with us.
gh  if  interactive  adventure  interpreter 
2 days ago by cjitlal
Lost Pig - Details
There’s no better game if you want to take a breather from more serious and complex titles and simply to have a great time. Definitely a gem in the comedic genre.
game  if  adventure 
2 days ago by cjitlal
Lost Pig (And Place Under Ground)
“Lost Pig could be the proverbial poster child for all that's right in puzzle-game design.”
game  if  adventure  toread 
2 days ago by cjitlal
5 Great Interactive Fiction Games You Can Play Online Right Now
Whether you have read the book, watched the movie, or neither, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is an interesting interactive fiction game. And, if you are familiar with the story already, you will be in for some twists and turns in this online adaptation of the tale.
if  adventure  games 
2 days ago by cjitlal
Your Mission is to Start an Adventure | The Angry GM
An opening scene provides a goal, motivation, and starting point.
Don't bury the lede, but also don't sell past the close.
Short is better than good.
dm  adventure 
4 days ago by StoicLoofah
Her Heart is a River
Alexsey Kuznetsov stands at the helm of his ship and stares out across the flat expanse of sea. Os Kervo is four days behind him, and the night is still. Orders are simple. Ship name of The Wraith. End her.

Kaz and Inej kick a wasp's nest.
sixofcrows  kazxinej  adventure  favorite 
4 days ago by misandrywitch
'The Fugitive' Still Won’t Quit, 25 Years Later - The Atlantic
The Harrison Ford–starring thriller represents the best of a genre that has faded: the character-driven action movie for adults.
This movie was not supposed to be good. Here’s the plot: A middle-aged cardiovascular surgeon’s wife is killed by a one-armed man, and said surgeon is sent to death row. But his bus crashes on the way to prison, then a train crashes into the bus crash, then Dr. Richard Kimble escapes to go on the run with five U.S. marshals on his heels. This is literally the opening 20 minutes of The Fugitive.
Not even the actors themselves were convinced The Fugitive was going to be good. Harrison Ford thought it would be his Hudson Hawk, Bruce Willis’s $51 million flop from 1991. Tommy Lee Jones, who plays the lead marshal, thought The Fugitive marked the end of his career. But then this action thriller, the one that was written off as quickly by its stars as its hero is by the law, became the third-highest-grossing film of 1993. And then it was nominated for seven (seven!) Oscars—including Best Picture. And then it actually won one of those Oscars (well, Jones did). Perhaps even more surprising is that this piece of $70 million popcorn amusement from the ’90s is still a cultural touchstone 25 years later, largely because action movies like it are so rare now.
movies  adventure  harrison_ford  review  anniversary 
11 days ago by rgl7194
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Working on McDonald’s Monopoly Scam Film | Film News | Consequence of Sound
Based on the true story of how one ex-cop rigged the game to pocket $24 million
Pearl Street producers and best buds Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are currently developing a new film about McDonald’s Monopoly promotion, as Deadline reports. While it’s rather delightful to imagine the two scarfing down countless Big Macs in search of the winning pieces, the project is actually going to be based on a true story about an ex-cop who managed to rig the game in his favor and scam the fast food chain out of $24 million.
The story was first documented in a report from The Daily Beast just last weekend. It centers around former police officer Jerome Jacobson and the way in which he was able to manipulate McDonald’s Monopoly game for 12 whole years beginning in 1989. Jacobson worked as a security guard at the printing business responsible for providing the game to McDonald’s and thus took advantage of his access to the rare winning pieces. For those unfamiliar, the everyday customer’s chance of winning the $1 million grand prize is about 1 in 250 million. Through the scam, it was reported that one family associated with Jacobson was able to snag not one, not two, but three million-dollar prizes.
movies  preview  adventure 
11 days ago by rgl7194
Into the Dark
Trying to learn #Unity #gamedev First game: text-based horror adventure (does not work on mobile!).
game  text  adventure  example  black 
12 days ago by msmr

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