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Instantly parse JSON in any language | quicktype
Whether you're using C#, Swift, TypeScript, Go, C++ or other languages, quicktype generates models and helper code for quickly and safely reading JSON in your apps. Customize online with advanced options, or download a command-line tool.
json  api  struct 
29 minutes ago by pferdefleisch
Realtime Cryptocurrency Rates API with coinlayer
Realtime Cryptocurrency Rates API with coinlayer - Added July 25, 2018 at 12:08PM
api  cryptocurrency  library 
6 hours ago by xenocid
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Build a Realtime Serverless GraphQL API with Websockets on AWS - Added July 22, 2018 at 05:21PM
api  aws  graphql  read2of  serverless 
6 hours ago by xenocid
Marvel Developer Portal
Create awesome stuff
with the world's
greatest comic api
marvel  comics  api  developer 
9 hours ago by dexter
iTunes Search API
The Search API allows you to place search fields in your website to search for content within the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store and Mac App Store. You can search for a variety of content; including apps, iBooks, movies, podcasts, music, music videos, audiobooks, and TV shows.
Archive  itunes  search  api 
10 hours ago by plouf
Q&A: Content Infrastructure and the Future of the Web - EContent Magazine
Content creators and developers are bound by the limitations of traditional content management systems. In fact, many don’t realize how clunky a hurry-up-and-wait waterfall development process is until they see an agile process enabled by content infrastructure in action. Many of the world’s largest brands are embracing content infrastructure to gain its advantages of speed and flexibility. That means digital products will be more personalized, available on more platforms, and develo...
blog  sascha  contentful  infrastructure  modern-web-stack  headless  api  cms 
15 hours ago by jmsmrgn
Delivering Modern Website Experiences: The Journey to a Content Mesh | GatsbyJS
The CMS was born to make content sites possible . Now, it’s being reimagined to make them incredible . In the early 2000s, publishing on…
content-mesh  headless  api  blog  contentful  decoupled  microservice  modular  article 
15 hours ago by jmsmrgn
NHTSA Product Information Catalog and Vehicle Listing - Home
"The NHTSA Product Information Catalog and Vehicle Listing (vPIC) is a consolidated platform that presents data collected within the manufacturer reported data from CFR 49 Parts 551 – 574 for use in a variety of modern tools. NHTSA’s vPIC platform is intended to serve as a centralized source for basic Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoding, Manufacturer Information Database (MID), Manufacturer Equipment Plant Identification and associated data."
Vehicles  Government  Data  API  Development  Reference 
15 hours ago by jonchambers
Marvel Developer Portal
The Marvel developer portal gives Marvel fans, partners and other technologists access to an array of powerful APIs, documentation, and other tools to interact with Marvel's systems.
api  comics  developers  development  marvel  web 
16 hours ago by jake101
Unsplash Source API
Simple embedding for Unsplash photos. For a more advanced integration, see Unsplash API.
stock  unsplash  api  random  free  photography  placeholders 
17 hours ago by spaceninja

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