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A Field Guide to Bad Faith Arguments – Member Feature Stories – Medium
"The cartoon strawmanner
The lie detector
The freeze peach advocate
The purity tester
The logic nerd
The tone police and persuasion pundits
The both siderist (whataboutism?)"
culture  arguments  goodfaith  badfaith 
4 weeks ago by pronoiac
Are Critics of Economics Inconsistent? – Unlearning Economics – Medium
So, two lessons here. For critics, try to be more specific and avoid broad rhetorical statements like “economists ignore X”, where X is something broad like bounded rationality or finance. Instead try “economists have a very limited notion of X” or “economists ignore x”, where x is something more specific like non-optimising bounded rationality or endogenous generation of financial crises. For economists, don’t think critics are moving the goalposts when your model which purports to represent X actually misses what the critic was trying to say. Just because you use the same words as them, doesn’t mean you’re getting at the same thing.
science  badscience  arguments  economics  rationality  collapse  finance  globalfinancialcrisis 
5 weeks ago by pozorvlak
There seems to be a hypocrisy with people upset about censorship on behalf of Ch... | Hacker News
There seems to be a hypocrisy with people upset about censorship on behalf of China, but don’t seem all that upset about censorship on behalf of the EU (eg RTBF) or censorship when it supports their politics (eg hate speech)
I don’t support this theoretical move, but asserting Google should pull out/stay out of China and not obey/comply with local laws, and yet argue that the EU local laws should have global reach seems unjustified and unequal respect for sovereignty.
Let’s face it, the core issue here isn’t free speech and censorship, it’s speech you like or censorship you like vs those you don’t.
Google  not_evil  patterns_sensitive_about_their_shit_as_if_its_so_obviously_right  patterns_insufferable_tech_douches*  arguments 
august 2018 by skinnymuch

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