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There seems to be a hypocrisy with people upset about censorship on behalf of Ch... | Hacker News
There seems to be a hypocrisy with people upset about censorship on behalf of China, but don’t seem all that upset about censorship on behalf of the EU (eg RTBF) or censorship when it supports their politics (eg hate speech)
I don’t support this theoretical move, but asserting Google should pull out/stay out of China and not obey/comply with local laws, and yet argue that the EU local laws should have global reach seems unjustified and unequal respect for sovereignty.
Let’s face it, the core issue here isn’t free speech and censorship, it’s speech you like or censorship you like vs those you don’t.
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18 days ago by skinnymuch
How to take, and benefit from criticism
“Taking criticism is the search for actionable feedback.” Related: curiosity is a good shield against the world crushing your self-confidence.
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4 weeks ago by cote
Stop Playing Devil’s Advocate, and Other Advice for Better Decision Making
I think the idea is, they know the devil’s advocate is a game, so they don’t take it seriously enough to be useful:

“When someone truly believes something different than you do, it has a stimulating quality for your own thinking. When you're roleplaying, you can't argue with the person who's pretending, if you will. People are under the illusion that since the information is the same, the two conversations should be equivalent. They put a devil's advocate in because they think you're going to get somebody who gets you to think about the alternative, and you're not going to get mad at each other. What they underestimate is that devil’s advocates don't make you think about the alternative decision. Playing devil’s advocate does not have the stimulating quality [one] hopes for. I don't think it has to do with the information that devil’s advocates state. I think it has to do with the fact that they believe something very differently than you do, and that challenge is sort of like a smack on the head, if you will, that gets you to start to rethink the issue. And so there's power in that.”
arguments  rhetoric  books 
4 weeks ago by cote
Against “really” | Meaningness
When someone hands you a “really” claim, try making it into an “in some sense” claim, and then ask the obvious questions.

When you find yourself making “really” claims (which we all do, sometimes), try and backtrack and restate them as “in some sense” claims. And then try to say which sense, and why you think so.
philosophy  arguments 
5 weeks ago by pozorvlak
[SOLVED] powershell to install .exe and .msi package - Spiceworks
Start-Process -FilePath "$env:systemroot\system32\msiexec.exe" -ArgumentList "/i `"$msifile`" /n /passive /l:c:\temp\epson.driver.wrapper.log" -Wait -WorkingDirectory $CurrentLocation
command  line  PowerShell  install  msi  exe  silent  one  liner  arguments  escaped 
8 weeks ago by jgear
4 Tips for Handling a Product Owner Who Is Nervous About UX Research :: UXmatters
RT @karrio: 4 tips for handling a product owner who is nervous about UX research: #uxresearch #uxdesign
ux  research  arguments  uxresearch  uxdesign 
8 weeks ago by garcon

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