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y’all is such a fantastic . storyline, side quests, excellent characters, character story arc…
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yesterday by aviflax
The hottest new board games from Gen Con 2018 | Ars Technica
As a big fan of Eurogames, I'm more interested in mechanics than components… but man are a lot of Eurogames drab. Coimbra understands that if you’re going to make a game's theme inconsequential, you might as well make the production beautiful.
Coimbra’s explosion of color and fun art serve the theme of… like, becoming a powerful person in 16th-century Portugal? Or something? Doesn’t matter. What you’re really here for is the gameplay, which revolves around drafting dice and cards. Each die you draft determines a multitude of knock-on effects—what order you pick character cards in, how much they cost, what faction they can be from, and what resources you generate that round. In addition to giving you special powers, the character cards you pick determine in which of the game’s four “factions” you will gain reputation.

Every decision you make affects just about every other thing you can do in a round, so something as simple as picking a single die can be an excruciatingly difficult calculation (in a good way). Coimbra was definitely the most-hyped Euro at Gen Con, and there’s a good reason for that—it’s fantastic.
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6 days ago by craniac
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I enjoy this game quite a bit - I have a review on my site - but it does need a house rule. Here is the one we use: Apartments come with 1 Waste, Towers 2, and Skyscrapers 3. Otherwise, it's too easy in many configurations to rack up cash and VP cards and just run the board late. It's close, but adding additional Waste seems like it makes these degenerate strategies fairly hard to play.

Alternately, just use the yellow cards in Trains: Rising Sun, which seem much better balanced.
15 days ago by craniac
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