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Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science
The first pirate website in the world to open mass and public access to tens of millions research papers
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Lives of Dwarfs: Their Journey from Public Curiosity Toward Social Liberation | Chemers | Disability Studies Quarterly
Adelson also provides the reader with a startling amount of information on individual figures in history. The book gives excellent details of the lives of eminent dwarfs including Philetas of Cos, Alexander Pope, Benjamin Lay, and Paul Leicester Ford, always with a critical eye and an effort to properly contextualize these brief biographies in their historical contexts, eschewing juvenilia and rumor. Having done so, the book repositions Goffman's stigma theory specifically for dwarfs, then moves on to examine representations of dwarfs in mythology, art, literature (particularly children's), and theatre and film.
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model of culture, Edgar Schein - Wikipedia
Schein's model of organizational culture originated in the 1980s. Schein (2004) identifies three distinct levels in organizational cultures:

artifacts and behaviours
espoused values
The three levels refer to the degree to which the different cultural phenomena are visible to the observer.

Artifacts include any tangible, overt or verbally identifiable elements in any organization. Architecture, furniture, dress code, office jokes, all exemplify organizational artifacts. Artifacts are the visible elements in a culture and they can be recognized by people not part of the culture.
Espoused values are the organization's stated values and rules of behavior. It is how the members represent the organization both to themselves and to others. This is often expressed in official philosophies and public statements of identity. It can sometimes often be a projection for the future, of what the members hope to become. Examples of this would be employee professionalism, or a "family first" mantra. Trouble may arise if espoused values by leaders are not in line with the deeper tacit assumptions of the culture.[2]
Shared basic assumptions are the deeply embedded, taken-for-granted behaviours which are usually unconscious, but constitute the essence of culture. These assumptions are typically so well integrated in the office dynamic that they are hard to recognize from within.[3]
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(509) Neuroscientist: Why Trumpists Will Never Abandon Trump - YouTube
Neuroscientist: Why Trumpists Will Never Abandon Trump
- cult of personality
- cognitive dissonance
- fear, "Denial of Death" Book / Martha Nussbaum book on fear
awareness of own mortality. Ease fear of death by world view through ideologies (that outlive the individual)
- thus strengthens your world view, ideology
- immigration attacks existence and place in history ("we will not erase us")
- Trump exaggerating threats, heightens fear, and existencial threat (and felt place in history) thus strengthens grip onto ideology and world view 'I will not erased.'
- Donald Trumps communication is more engaging.
- Conservatives are more hyper-vigilant (tuned in to threats)
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Coding The Matrix
I really would have enjoyed applying Linear Algebra like this while in school.
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Byrne’s Euclid
A reproduction of Oliver Byrne's celebrated work from 1847 plus interactive diagrams, cross references, and posters designed by Nicholas Rougeux
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3 Rules for Choosing Nonfiction Books
I love reading nonfiction. But, as I am sure you can relate, I only have limited time. Even if we were able to make enough time to read one book a week on average—certainly not the case for me right now—we would still only be able to read around... | Herman Schaaf | Programmer and traveler. Currently writing Production Go
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Twitter and Tear Gas by Zeynep Tufekci
Link to free CC-licensed PDF of book at the bottom of the page
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