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Calculus Made Easy (1910) | Hacker News
From the book:
>I To deliver you from the Preliminary Terrors
>The preliminary terror [..] can be abolished once for all by simply stating what is the meaning–in common-sense terms–of the two principal symbols:
(1) d, which merely means “a little bit of.” Thus dx means a little bit of x; or du means a little bit of u.
(2) ∫, which is merely a long S, and may be called (if you like) “the sum of.”
As someone who taught Calculus, how I wish every book on the subject started like that!
If I ever have to do it again, I will use this book. Wish I had known about it earlier.
The book includes a very important chapter on compound interest, which is too often glossed over in texts used today. I wrote notes to remedy that (as an extra-credit reading project for the students), and was glad to find that the book has a similar approach:
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