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Introduction to the ASP.NET Web API
Free Pluralsight from Microsoft
c#  api  rest 
4 hours ago by Spunog
compile c# online
Rextester - some online tools for anyone who finds them useful. It was started as online .net regex tester. Rextester stands for regular expression tester.
regex  regexp  compile  output  c#  postgresql 
3 days ago by RBarnard
NuGet Gallery | Shouldly 3.0.2
nstall-Package Shouldly -Version 3.0.2
C#  Nuget 
3 days ago by swanand
windows-toolkit/Lottie-Windows: Lottie-Windows is a library and tools for rendering Lottie animations on Windows 10.
Lottie-Windows is a library and tools for efficiently rendering Lottie animations on Windows 10. Lottie-Windows is part of the .NET Foundation.
github  animation  c#  windows  uwp 
3 days ago by vancura
An Exhausting List of Differences Between VB.NET & C# | Anthony's blog
For almost half of my lifetime now I’ve witnessed or engaged in countless discussions about how similar or different the two most popular .NET languages are. First as a hobbyist, then as a professional, and finally as a customer advocate, program manager, and language designer I cannot exaggerate the number of times I've heard or read…
vbnet  c#  difference  semantic  list  unner  working 
4 days ago by gilberto5757
WebClient vs HttpClient vs HttpWebRequest - The Geeky Gecko
What's the best way to call a REST API on C#? I'll review the 4 main classes (RestSharp included) to make requests and process their responses.
WebClient  HttpClient  HttpWebRequest  core  c# 
6 days ago by dot404

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