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Hacker Tools · hacker tools
More of this "hacker" nonsense.
What about just treating this as basic mastery?
Software hacker culture is dead.
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16 hours ago by po
Info 256. Applied Natural Language Processing
Applied Natural Language Processing
Info 256. Spring 2019
T/Th 12:30-2pm, 202 South Hall, UC Berkeley
David Bamman (office hours: Wednesday 10am-noon, 314 South Hall),
TA: Masha Belyi,
Course repo:
course  nlp  deeplearning 
16 hours ago by hustwj
Top 5 Skills to Kickstart Your Data Analytics Career and How to Build Them |
Simple list of #datascience skills w explanations + links to online courses to acquire them
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yesterday by csrollyson
Databases | Stanford Online
"Databases" was one of Stanford's three inaugural massive open online courses in the fall of 2011. The course is now being offered as a set of smaller self-paced "mini-courses", which can be assembled in a variety of ways to learn about different aspects of databases. All of the mini-courses are based around video lectures and/or video demos. Many of them include in-video quizzes to check understanding, in-depth standalone quizzes, and/or a variety of automatically-checked interactiv...
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2 days ago by justusthane
Databases MOOC
Stanford's free online offering in Databases is now available as a set of self-paced "mini-courses" created from the original Introduction to Databases course (see History below). All of the mini-courses are hosted on the OpenEdX platform, with a starting page here.
database  sql  education  MOOC  course  tutorial 
2 days ago by bouvin
Stanford Engineering Everywhere | CS107 - Programming Paradigms
Advanced memory management features of C and C++; the differences between imperative and object-oriented paradigms. The functional paradigm (using LISP) and concurrent programming (using C and C++). Brief survey of other modern languages such as Python, Objective C, and C#.<br><br>
Programming and problem solving at the
Programming Abstractions level. Prospective students should know a reasonable amount of C++. You should be comfortable with arrays, pointers, referenc...
2 days ago by chihchung

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