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Chinese school installs facial recognition cameras to monitor students
The Hangzhou No. 11 Middle School has installed a “smart classroom behavior management system”, which captures students’ expressions and movements, analyzing them with big data to make sure they’re paying attention, media reported on Thursday.
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5 days ago by seaugust
Intel launches OpenVINO computer vision toolkit for edge computing
Intel today announced the launch of OpenVINO or Open Visual Inference & Neural Network Optimization, a toolkit for the quick deployment of computer vision for edge computing in cameras and IoT devices.
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5 days ago by seaugust
Our first line of treats are in production!!!!!! More details to come soon.
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13 days ago by stevechic
Shutterstock showcases AI efforts with trio of computer vision search tools
Shutterstock’s new smart search features are the product of a dedicated computer vision team that the company first assembled back in 2015.
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14 days ago by seaugust
All the New Features Coming to Google Lens
Wistfully, Google describes real-time Lens as something that will enable users to “to browse the world around you, just by pointing your camera,” but until we get a chance to try out the updates, there’s good reason to remain skeptical of Lens’ short-term potential. Google has been trying to make this a thing for a long time, and the company still has a good bit of work to do before Lens is anywhere near as useful or precise as its namesake search engine.
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14 days ago by seaugust
Microsoft and Qualcomm aim to make IoT devices even smarter by adding computer vision
Microsoft and Qualcomm said today they’ll co-create a developer kit containing the hardware and software needed to build such computer vision chops into small devices.
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14 days ago by seaugust Zaga932 comments on My 4yo and I have joined the club! Can’t wait to create amazing memories with him!
A slight, theoretical warning: don't let a child whose eyes are still developing use a current gen VR headset for extended periods, or very often.

There's an effect in current VR headsets called the vergence-accommodation conflict. In short, current VR images provide stereo depth, but not focal depth. If you look at something far away, objects in the foreground will appear split in two due to stereoscopy, but they will still be sharp & in focus, unlike your hand if you hold it up in front of you & look past it, it'll split to 2 and blur as well, because there is only 1 focal plane for the entire image in the headset.

For youths/adults this is fine. It doesn't look right, and looking at objects up close can be uncomfortable because of it, but it isn't dangerous.

For children, however, there's a cautious theory that prolonged exposure to this vergence-accommodation conflict may interfere with the development of their eyes, because it puts unnatural strain on the tiny, delicate muscles in the eyes.

There haven't been any studies on this (edit: that I'm aware of). It's a bit of a tough thing to study - "Hey kids, wear this for 2 hours a day for a year and we'll see if it damages the development of your eyes" - but there has been a fair bit of discussion on this in the VR community and it holds up logically, so it's worth being cautious. Oculus do have a 13+ age limit on their products.

Your child, your responsibility, so I'm not gonna tell you what to do, but keep this in mind.
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22 days ago by mikael
The March of Myopia
The incidence of global myopia is escalating sharply. People with high myopia, generally classified as greater than -5 dioptres, are at increased risk of retinal detachment, cataracts, glaucoma and blindness. With almost 20 per cent of university-aged people in East Asia now in this category, half of these people are expected to develop irreversible vision loss. The economic consequences are enormous.
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25 days ago by mikael
The myopia boom
Short-sightedness is reaching epidemic proportions. Some scientists think they have found a reason why.
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25 days ago by mikael

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