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Skydio’s AI-powered autonomous R1 drone follows you around in 4K
Skydio, an autonomous drone startup based out of Redwood City, California, unveiled a product today that it’s been working on for four years. The R1, as it’s called, is an artificial intelligence-powered quadcopter capable of shooting 4K video of a subject and maneuvering complex environments all on its own. Using industry advancements in AI to help train a custom computer vision system, Skydio developed a product that’s effectively the first professional-grade drone that can be flown without any expertise whatsoever, the company claims. In fact, the R1 doesn’t even come with a controller because in almost every situation imaginable, the drone should fly itself.
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3 days ago by seaugust
SignAll is slowly but surely building a sign language translation platform
“It’s multi-channel communication; it’s really not just about shapes or hand movements,” explained Robotka. “If you really want to translate sign language, you need to track the entire upper body and facial expressions — that makes the computer vision part very challenging.”
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3 days ago by seaugust
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5 days ago by architektura
Atlas of Ophthalmology
Like radiopaedia for scans and retinal images.
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8 days ago by gcappaert
Photo Algorithms ID White Men Fine—Black Women, Not So Much
The skewed accuracy appears to be due to underrepresentation of darker skin tones in the training data used to create the face-analysis algorithms.
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10 days ago by seaugust
Chinese police are wearing sunglasses that can recognize faces
Railway police in Zhengzhou, a central Chinese city, are the first in the country to use facial-recognition eyewear to screen passengers during the Lunar New Year travel rush, Chinese state media reported (link in Chinese) this week. The devices have already helped nab seven fugitives related to major criminal cases such as human trafficking and hit-and-runs, and 26 others who were traveling with fake identities.
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10 days ago by seaugust
Putting Glasses on Praying Mantis Reveals New Form of 3D Vision
Of course, there’s still plenty of work to do before we understand how to implement mantis vision as a computer algorithm. That’s something Newcastle researchers are already working on.
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10 days ago by seaugust launches ecommerce bot platform powered by computer vision
Since coming out of stealth last year, has created bots for Levi’s, Louis Vuitton, and Pro Flowers, but today the computer vision startup announced it has launched a platform for small businesses and ecommerce merchants to create their own Facebook Messenger bots.
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17 days ago by seaugust
GV leads $25M investment in Hover, a computer vision startup that digitizes your home
Hover doesn’t rely on people buying any specialized hardware or learning the ins-and-outs of 3D scanning; users are simply prompted to snap some external shots of their home (no drone required) and feed the photos into Hover’s app, which uses its computer vision tech to digest and later spit out a 3D model of your home.
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17 days ago by seaugust
Facebook Open-sources ‘Detectron’ Computer Vision Algorithm for AR Research
“The goal of Detectron is to provide a high-quality, high-performance codebase for object detection research. It is designed to be flexible in order to support rapid implementation and evaluation of novel research,” the project’s GitHub page reads.
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24 days ago by seaugust
Sotheby’s acquires Thread Genius to build its image recognition and recommendation tech
The three will become part of a new unit that will be building a new AI-based recommendation engine for the company, working in part with IP Sotheby’s owns called the Mei Moses Art Indices, an art database of 50,000 images that it acquired in 2016.
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24 days ago by seaugust
Engineers invent tiny vision processing chip for ultra-small smart vision systems and IoT applications
The development of EQSCALE is a crucial step towards the future demonstration of millimetre-sized vision systems that could operate indefinitely.
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24 days ago by seaugust

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