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- supreme court says its' ok to hose opinion down with money so, it's ok.
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4 days ago by kexrex
KotakuInAction study
Acacdemic work looking at the GamerGate community on Reddit
gamergate  reddit  kotakuinaction  community  freespeech  hategroups  feminism 
5 days ago by nelson
Alternatives to censorship
EFF's ideas for fighting hate speech on the Internet. Not sure I agree with this position any more, but it's thoughtful
eff  freespeech  censorship  twitter  politics 
6 days ago by nelson
Free Speech Leftists Still Exist - Quillette
So here is my advice – those who emotionally resonate with the political right should seek to explore the rational arguments on the left, and those who resonate with the left should seek to understand the rational traditions of the right. If we become more like our enemies, or understand the souls of our enemies, perhaps we will find the enemy outside to evaporate, and locate a more ordered republic within. After all, that is the ultimate goal of all free and open discourse – to reach a higher vantage point through discussion than two eternally conflicting, isolated sides can ever achieve on their own.
freespeech  left  rightwing  politics  political  activism  argument 
8 days ago by msszczep
Is America having second thoughts about free speech?
Official site of The Week Magazine, offering commentary and analysis of the day's breaking news and current events as well as arts, entertainment, people and gossip, and political cartoons.
8 days ago by geetarista
Fake news has a long history. Beware the state being keeper of ‘the truth’ | Kenan Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
The fear isn’t Trump’s proclamation but the government’s endorsement. I blame the coffee houses.
history  socialmedia  freespeech 
8 days ago by mcmorgan
Wedding cake is 'artistic expression' that baker may deny to same-sex couple, California judge rules - Chicago Tribune
"A wedding cake is not just a cake in a Free Speech analysis," wrote Superior Court Judge David R. Lampe in a decision late Monday. "It is an artistic expression by the person making it that is to be used traditionally as a centerpiece in the celebration of a marriage. There could not be a greater form of expressive conduct,"
freespeech  religion  cake 
12 days ago by bwiese
Bret and Eric Weinstein, Brothers Together at Last (LIVE)
Brothers Bret Weinstein and Eric Weinstein join Dave for a live discussion in what is their first public appearance together ever.
ncv  ncpin  DasGeileNeueInternet  FreeSpeech  Academia 
13 days ago by walt74
Book World: Dubious arguments for curbing the free speech of Nazis - The Edwardsville Intelligencer
“An example of the zero-sum game from Europe may be instructive: In Turkey it is a crime to say the Armenian genocide occurred, while in France it is a crime to say it didn't occur.”
FreeSpeech  AlanDershowitz  RichardDelgado  JeanStefancic 
15 days ago by cbearden
One year after the Women’s March on Washington, people are still protesting en masse. A lot. We’ve counted.
About 74 percent of those protests were either against Trump administration policy or on issues that conflicted with the president’s viewpoint, such as protests against specific police shootings of black people. We assuredly did not learn about every protest. Given the information we had, however, we made a low and a high estimate of all the participants in all the protests we counted, giving us a range of between 5.9 million and 9 million. That’s roughly 1.8 to 2.8% of the population of the United States, with about 5.2 million to 8 million of those turning out to oppose Trump’s policies or points of view.
politics  freespeech 
24 days ago by campylobacter

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