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Please donate to the Michael Hayden GoFundMe to support ex NSA directors do jokes on Twitter
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3 days ago by ejl
N.J. Court Orders Google to Vanish Plaintiff's Photo -- Published at the Chicago Tribune -- From Search Results - Volokh Conspiracy :
The state court ordered Google (and probably the Chicago Tribune) to remove a photo without any opportunity to contest it. Not legally correct. Also, the person has apparently gotten 130 other publications to take down his information in his attempt to hide his history of activism.
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8 days ago by mcherm
xkcd: Free Speech
Every once in a while it's worth resurfacing this xkcd explainer of free speech.
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10 days ago by samplereality
The free speech panic: how the right concocted a crisis
Meanwhile, it is not clear that the “freedom” once associated with “the market” has very much to do with enterprise or risk-taking any longer. Increasingly, as the work of inequality scholars such as Danny Dorling and Thomas Piketty has shown, it seems to mean growing autonomy for the very wealthy, and rising indebtedness and stress for everybody else. This poses a problem for the political right: short of acting as the servants of the super-rich, what is the point of conservatism today? When capitalism can no longer make good on the conservative moral vision of hard work and enterprise, where else is there to go?

In this moral and political crisis, the idea of free speech does what the idea of free markets can no longer plausibly do. A romantic ideal extracted from the past is seized and celebrated as a virtue that needs resuscitating. Meanwhile, the “snowflake” fills an ideological role once occupied by the “lazy welfare scrounger” or “feckless poor”. In 2018, nobody can realistically claim that being poor or unemployed is a pleasant lifestyle choice, or that the distribution of income in society is a fair reflection of effort. Just look at the outcry when Theresa May tried to justify prolonged wage stagnation to a nurse during the 2017 general election campaign. That game is up.
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16 days ago by max_read
How One of the Internet’s Biggest History Forums Deals With Holocaust Deniers
AskHistorians, where I am one of the volunteer moderators, takes a strict stance on Holocaust denial: We ban it immediately. Deniers need a public forum to spread their lies and to sow doubt among readers not well-informed about history. By convincing people that they might have a point or two, they open the door for further radicalization in pursuit of their ultimate goal: to rehabilitate Nazism
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23 days ago by barbarafister
Looking Back: Hackers Reveal Illegal Spying Software Used By World Governments To
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24 days ago by kitoconnell

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