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China's hidden camps - BBC News
“It's a re-education school,” one hotelier told us.

“Yes, that's a re-education school,” another shopkeeper agreed.

“There are tens of thousands of people there now. They have some problems with their thoughts.”
bbc  prison  oppression  religion  china  freedom  freespeech 
20 days ago by np
#BotSpot: Journalist’s Death Followed by Fake Accounts

This case study showed how a video by a source known for conspiracy was used on an international scale during a geopolitical event.

The video offered no concrete evidence, but it was still exploited by prominent Saudi social media influencers and bots to sow doubt in any culpability of Saudi government in Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance and death. The case also revealed the extent to which doubt and conspiracy has been used as a tool in prolonged denial of Khashoggi’s death. The denials of Khashoggi’s death are even further removed from the likelihood that the journalist and outspoken critic was killed for his criticism.

In any case, the bot accounts amplifying narratives cannot be taken as a serious source of evidence but have been used to promote suspicious content.
Journalism  HumanRights  FreeSpeech  Crime  SocialBots  DGNI  nct  ncpin  Conspiracy 
22 days ago by walt74
The British #MeToo scandal which cannot be revealed

In a 20-page ruling published on Tuesday, the Court of Appeal simply refers to the businessman as “ABC” and describes the allegations as amounting to “discreditable conduct”. The interim injunction order states that in five cases “substantial payments” were made to five people as part of “settlement agreements” or NDAs.

As well as re-igniting the #MeToo 
debate, the gagging of The Telegraph is expected to renew controversy about the use of injunctions to limit British press freedom.

Unlike his alleged victims, The Telegraph has not signed any kind of NDA with the businessman. It has argued there is a clear public interest in publishing the claims, not least to alert those who might be applying to work for him. However, the Court of Appeal has, so far, ruled against this newspaper which, like the alleged victims, now finds itself gagged.

The accused man has hired a team of at least seven lawyers and spent close to £500,000 in legal fees to persuade the Court of Appeal to injunct The Telegraph. He is being represented by Schillings, the legal firm which has also worked with Cristiano Ronaldo, Lance Armstrong and Ryan Giggs, individuals who have controversially made use of NDAs or injunctions to silence accusations of wrongdoing.

On Tuesday, in the latest twist in a legal fight which began in July, the court ruled that the confidentiality of contracts was more important than freedom of speech. It overturned a previous High Court ruling – which can now be reported for the first time – which found that publication of the allegations would be overwhelmingly in the public interest 
and would significantly contribute to debate in a democratic society. In the earlier High Court case, Justice Haddon-Cave, who is one of the country’s top terror judges, concluded that “in all the circumstances, the public interest in publication outweighs any confidentiality attaching to the information”.

He believed the information – the 
allegations made against the businessman – to be “reasonably credible” and said their publication of the information “would be in the public interest”.
uk  freespeech  crime  corruption 
24 days ago by np
Saudis’ Image Makers: A Troll Army and a Twitter Insider

Mr. Khashoggi’s online attackers were part of a broad effort dictated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his close advisers to silence critics both inside Saudi Arabia and abroad. Hundreds of people work at a so-called troll farm in Riyadh to smother the voices of dissidents like Mr. Khashoggi. The vigorous push also appears to include the grooming — not previously reported — of a Saudi employee at Twitter whom Western intelligence officials suspected of spying on user accounts to help the Saudi leadership.
DGNI  nct  ncpin  FreeSpeech  Journalism  Crime  Trolls 
25 days ago by walt74
Booker prize novel sparks free speech row in Czech Republic
Liberal critics believe the controversy over transmission of an extract from Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty is being whipped up by conservatives to muzzle broadcasters in a move they liken to events in Hungary, where the rightwing government of Viktor Orbán stands accused of curtailing press freedoms and reining in public media outlets.

They also believe it is being used as a pretext to force out Petr Fischer, the highly respected editor-in-chief of Radio Vltava, a highbrow outlet of the publicly funded Czech Radio, which produced the offending broadcast. Fischer’s defenders — who have started a petition to save his job — argue that the Czech Republic is an unlikely battleground for a struggle over sexual mores, given that it is home to reputedly one of Europe’s most secular populations where the fight for gay rights provokes relatively little controversy.
One member [of the supervisory Radio Council], Tomáš Kňourek, launched a fierce attack on Fischer and dismissed Hollinghurst as “a homosexual activist dressed as a writer” whose “obscenities indicate the level of social life in Great Britain, a country that is voluntarily flooded with the most repulsive form of Islam”.

Kňourek labelled the broadcast “pornographic” and asked: “What will be the next open artistic window? Paedophilia? Terror on children? Ritual murders?”
by:RobertTait  AlanHollinghurst  homophobia  FreeSpeech  geo:CzechRepublic 
4 weeks ago by owenblacker

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