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Cisco's Talos Intelligence Group Blog: New VPNFilter malware targets at least 500K networking devices worldwide
The VPNFilter malware is a multi-stage, modular platform with versatile capabilities to support both intelligence-collection and destructive cyber attack operations.
security  malware  VPNFilter 
5 hours ago by tiredoldfellow
500,000 home routers have been infected with VPNFilter, malware that steals data and bricks devices / Boing Boing
VPNFilter is a sophisticated, multi-stage malware package, part of the new breed of boot-persistent malware (software that can survive a reboot); it targets home routers and network-attached storage devices, then steals passwords and logins that traverse the network and exfiltrates it to the creators' servers
router  malware 
13 hours ago by pcta-ptech
Malware Analysis is for the (Cuckoo) Birds - TrustedSec
The Cuckoo sandbox is an open source malware analysis system that can perform used against many different types of malware, ranging from Office documents to executables. 
malware  OpenSource 
20 hours ago by aiefel
Tron scripts to clean up Windows installations (XP to 10) Tron fights for the User
get rid of telemetry, annoyances, slowdowns, etc. take real ownership of your windows.
reddit  windows  software  malware 
22 hours ago by w1nt3rmut3
GitHub - StevenBlack/hosts: Unified hosts file with base extensions
Extending and consolidating hosts files from several well-curated sources like,,,, and potentially others. You can optionally invoke extensions to block additional sites by category.
ad-blocker  gambling-filter  github  malware  porn-filter  pornblocker  privacy  protection  ransomware  social-media-filter 
5 days ago by kogakure

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