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10 Great Shows You Can Binge-Watch in a Single Weekend
Happy long weekend, but RIP outside time. (And the feeling in your butt.)
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35 minutes ago by LaptopHeaven
Vox’s new Netflix series is really good, but it doesn’t get us any closer to figuring out what news on streaming platforms looks like » Nieman Journalism Lab
Vox is interesting here because, unlike the vast majority of news organizations, it has always conceived of its text products and its video products separately. Vox videos are not Vox stories gussied up in moving-image form; they are their own distinct product targeting their own distinct market. In text — a quick-turn, low-production-cost medium — providing hourly updates on the latest twist in the Mueller investigation makes perfect sense. But it would be a dumb strategy for high-production-value video. And longish examinations of “Monogamy, Explained” make less sense in a text story that’ll soon be buried in the archives than in a video that can be algorithmically pushed to YouTube users forever. This means that most Vox videos are not what I’d consider “news” — more like “smart content for a curious, engaged audience” — but it’s still a thoughtful strategy.

Netflix is interesting here because, well, it’s Netflix. It has 125 million paying subscribers; it is producing more movies per year than most major movie studios combined; it is the default lean-back behavior in millions of people’s evenings. If anyone can choose to direct human attention toward quality news in video form, it’s Netflix.
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15 hours ago by reginajmc
Netflix: Most buoyant prediction yet |
The 360 million forecast is from equity analysts at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, which reiterates its ‘Buy’ rating on Netflix stock, and states that Netflix can grow its numbers by 8 per cent annually through 2030.
“We believe Netflix still has a considerable opportunity ahead if it can achieve reasonable penetration levels internationally,” equity analyst Nat Schindler said in a note to investors May 18th. “Netflix will face varying levels of competition, regulation and economic conditions in each individual market it participates in, but its content scale should allow it to become the dominant streaming player in virtually all markets.”
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23 hours ago by dancall
Open Sourcing Zuul 2 – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
Open Sourcing Zuul 2
We are excited to announce the open sourcing of Zuul 2, Netflix’s cloud gateway. We use Zuul 2 at Netflix as the front door for all requests coming into Netflix’s cloud infrastructure. Zuul 2 significantly improves the architecture and features that allow our gateway to handle, route, and protect Netflix’s cloud systems, and helps provide our 125 million members the best experience possible. The Cloud Gateway team at Netflix runs and operates more than 80 clusters of Zuul 2, sending traffic to about 100 (and growing) backend service clusters which amounts to more than 1 million requests per second. Nearly all of this traffic is from customer devices and browsers that enable the discovery and playback experience you are likely familiar with.
This post will overview Zuul 2, provide details on some of the interesting features we are releasing today, and discuss some of the other projects that we’re building with Zuul 2.
How Zuul 2 Works
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yesterday by euler
Anthony Jeselnik on Thoughts and Prayers and Making College Kids Laugh :: Comedy :: Features :: Paste
In many ways, Anthony Jeselnik’s third stand-up special Thoughts and Prayers is what we’ve come to expect from this comic: over-the-top one liners about sexual deviancy, baby killing, and other equally wonderfully NSFW subject matter, all delivered with the winning smile and his devilish charm.
But for the last quarter of this hour-long Netflix release, the 36-year-old former Jimmy Fallon writer and superstar of Comedy Central’s Roast of Donald Trump lets down the veil just a smidge. He talks in depth about the trouble he got into for a joke he tweeted in the wake of Boston Marathon bombing and for a segment on his former TV show, The Jeselnik Offensive, poking fun at a New Zealand man who was killed by a shark. The whole segment of the special would be almost poignant if he didn’t use it too to vent about the world’s oversensitivity and to mock a certain island nation.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
ANTHONY JESELNIK: THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS (2015) - Full Transcript - Scraps from the loft
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, San Francisco. Thank you so much. So good to be here. People were surprised when I told ’em I was gonna tape my special in San Francisco. Said, “Why would you do that? That’s the most politically correct city in the world.” Not when I’m on stage, it’s not.
I love this place. One of my favorite cities to perform in. It’s a good place to hang out. Got to walk around a little bit today. Saw a baby. Saw a baby locked inside the back of a hot car. So it’s been a great day. Love that. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a monster. I tried to help the baby. Tried to throw a rock through the window. Window was down. Ruined that baby’s whole weekend. It was worth it.
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3 days ago by rgl7194

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