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Vulture Streaming Guide
This month's new and expiring shows on HBO, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime
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18 hours ago by rcade
Netflix is selling $2bn of junk bonds to fund new shows • Bloomberg
Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou and Claire Boston:
<p>The $2bn bond offering, which will be issued in dollars and euros, comes just a week after the company reported a bigger jump in subscribers than Wall Street analysts expected. The bonds would push the cash-burning company’s debt load above $10bn for the first time. Netflix’s market value has soared almost 70% this year to about $140bn.

The US portion of the 10.5-year bond may yield around 6.375%, while the euro notes could pay 4.625%, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Netflix paid less than 6% when it last tapped the market in April, in part because underlying Treasury yields were lower.

“To me it feels a bit like a win-win situation," said John McClain, a high-yield money manager at Diamond Hill Capital, which oversees $22.6bn including Netflix debt. “You’re buying the highest-quality, high-yield business at yields that are fairly close to the overall market. It’s low-cost funding for them, especially relative to the cost of issuing new equity."

Netflix said in a statement that it will use proceeds from the offering to continue to acquire and fund new content. The company said last week that it expects to burn about $3bn in cash this year as it continues to prioritize original series and movies.</p>

That's not even close to serious gearing. Netflix is going to get miles in front of everyone with this. And those are pretty attractive yields; I bet it will have no trouble at all selling it. Hardly "junk".
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19 hours ago by charlesarthur
Netflix vs. Disney: the golden age of streaming could be coming to an end - The Verge
With the streaming subscription business growing this fast, everyone wants a piece — and they’re ready to fight for it.
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19 hours ago by jorgebarba
Ampere Analysis - Netflix and Amazon's original drama strategy evolves
Amazon’s upcoming original titles show a clear focus on sci-fi & fantasy and general drama series that fall outside of action and crime. While sci-fi and drama make up only 4.4% of the current line-up of original content on Amazon's US service, together they account for over half of announced upcoming titles. Netflix is making similar moves, with sci-fi & fantasy and drama constituting 9% of its current original catalogue, but 36% of its announced upcoming original titles. 

Neither genre stood out in the mix of original content added to the catalogues over the past year, suggesting a recent strategic shift.

Genres showing a decline for original production are children & family and comedy. It may be that, especially in the case of children & family content, both services appear less keen to announce new titles—despite the genre’s clear value and importance. Recently added titles show that Amazon has maintained a focus on children's content, for example. Children's content accounts for 36% of Amazon's and 21%  of Netflix's current original library, but for the upcoming titles only 9% of Amazon and 8% of Netflix original titles fall into this genres. Additionally, Amazon has recently added significant quantities of entertainment titles, creating spikes in the ‘other genre’ category for originals through May 2017-December 2017 and December 2017–July 2018. Announced upcoming titles show less entertainment content, however. Amazon has also announced several reality titles; their first foray into original content of this genre.
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yesterday by gugelproductions
Netflix’s Cash-Fueled Road to Streaming Dominance - The New York Times
130 million paying customers as of September

$14.9 billion in revenue in the last 12 months

$1.3 billion in profit for the same period

7.6 million more paid subscribers expected to be added in the last three months of 2018

23 Emmy Awards this year, the same as HBO

Here’s another: $18.6 billion.
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yesterday by gugelproductions
Amount of Aussie content on Aussie streaming services
Includes the stat that there is a lower percentage of Aussie content on Aussie Netflix than there is on US Netflix.
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yesterday by mrbennett

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