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Language Learning with Netflix Chrome extension
Extensions work with Chrome, giving the browser new capabilities. Now when you open a video on Netflix, you will have new capabilities that are helpful for studying languages.
chrome  netflix  language 
6 hours ago by jazwiecki
100 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now
This post is updated frequently as movies leave and enter Netflix.
movies  lists  netflix  vulture 
22 hours ago by xr
Broadcast TV in 2019: What's Changing and Why
They’re also much more likely to be watching television across an array of devices at times, often outside of the usual peak TV hours. Their choice in content genres also sets them apart – they have a pronounced interest in other cultures which can translate into the kind of shows they choose to watch.

They even watch TV differently, preferring to “binge watch” episodes rather than watch them in isolation.
tv  stats  video  netflix 
2 days ago by dancall

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