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John Kelly resignation: a legacy of failure - Vox
We forget how miserable he was at the border, about DACA.
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9 minutes ago by mcmorgan
New leftwing coalition urges Labour to reject Brexit
A leftwing, remain-supporting coalition of Momentum activists, local party chairs and Labour councillors is to create a pop-up pressure group to persuade the Labour leadership to ditch a commitment to Brexit in any snap election manifesto.
The pressure group, led by many of the anti-Brexit activists who were behind the push to put a second referendum policy to a vote of party members at Labour’s conference, will create a platform for pro-EU Labour voters to try to influence the leadership before any future manifesto launch.
In a letter to the Guardian from 40 Labour activists, the group said: “As Labour members and supporters, we want our party to fight in the months ahead, including in any general election campaign, to stop the anti-working class disaster that is Brexit,” it said, adding that there is “concern that the party’s policy is “shifting, but is not yet committed to stopping Brexit”.
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1 hour ago by owenblacker
From freecycling to Fairphones: 24 ways to lead an anti-capitalist life in a capitalist world | John Harris | The Guardian
"We asked readers for their thoughts on ‘non‑capitalist living’ and were deluged with replies. Here are their ideas for everyday ways to buck the system"
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1 hour ago by tremolo

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