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Trump Is the National-Security Threat - The Atlantic
This is a moment of extreme national cowardice. America’s governing institutions are abdicating their authority in pursuit of expedience and amid a craven scramble to save face. A precedent has been established that all Americans, but conservative Americans in particular, will long regret.
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8 minutes ago by the_alt
Our destiny is in the hands of Rees-Mogg’s unfinished robot sidekick
Given the need to find alternative arrangements for describing Steve Baker, let’s look at technological solutions. It’s as if someone had half an idea to build a fun, geeky robot sidekick for Jacob Rees-Mogg, then became so bored or repulsed by the task that they gave up before they’d fitted him with a cool metallic exoskeleton. Somehow, the unfinished unit picked itself off the workshop floor and found its way to parliament. By rights, Steve Baker is just the innards of something that – had it been completed – you might find in the background of a Mos Espa docking-bay scene in The Phantom Menace. Instead, he’s one of the fanatics holding our national destiny in his partially assembled hands.
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3 hours ago by owenblacker
From Executive Time to Emergency Time: It’s a Desperate Act of a Desperate Man
President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency in order to build his stupid, vanity border wall is a quasi-legal, immoral act of barbarian authoritarianism. But it’s also something else: a desperate act of a desperate man who is becoming increasingly irrelevant in Washington.
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4 hours ago by williger
Amazon HQ2 cancellation: Long Island City didn’t need this - Vox
Very interesting article about how Amazon stopped its NY headquarters. Has many implications for other large developments advanced without sufficient attention paid to improving the common weal.
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4 hours ago by rjkroege
The boyfriend of confessed Russian agent Maria Butina wrote that she “manipulated” a Russian spy agency when arranging NRA bigwigs’ trip to Moscow, The Daily Beast has learned. Paul Erickson, Butina’s boyfriend, made this claim on Nov. 25, 2015 in an email to a trip participant.
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5 hours ago by williger
President Donald Trump on Friday planned to sign a bill to fund the government hours before it was scheduled to shutdown for the second time in as many months. But that’s not all.
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5 hours ago by williger
KYIV, Ukraine—Russian authorities have detained an American citizen who runs the country’s largest independent private investment firm in an alarming signal to foreign investors that they are not safe to operate in Russia. Michael John Calvey’s arrest follows the seizure of fellow U.S.
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5 hours ago by williger
President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the southern border to build a wall there is nearly unprecedented in American history and will end in a showdown at the Supreme Court.
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5 hours ago by williger
Labour and Tory MPs in talks over setting up new centrist party | Politics | The Guardian
Discussions could lead to new party consisting of six or more Labour MPs plus some Tories
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5 hours ago by tonys

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