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VisBug - Chrome Web Store
New google made chrome plugin for prototyping new layouts via being able to drag&drop page elements to fiddle with it.
webdev  chrome  browser  plugin  extension  software  layout  prototype 
2 days ago by asteroza
Project Title
Out of Office message generator
Feature  Wikipedia  Experiment  Prototype  OOO 
2 days ago by Audiences
Marvel - The design platform for digital products
Used by MediaMonks for Google

"Wireframe, design and prototype fast"

Interactive designs with no code
prototype  wireframe  design  online 
14 days ago by dandv
Various lists to use as data source in Sketch app and other design applications
sketch  design  data  prototype 
22 days ago by joao
Home - Bedrock
Bedrock is a static site generator that enables teams to efficiently work together, document HTML/CSS components, and provide a single source of truth for what an application should look like. It is primarily meant to create prototypes for web applications, but can be used to generate any website.
prototype  ux  software 
23 days ago by fuzzylogic
A tool to visually build state machine based UIs
ui  statemachine  prototype  design  tool 
28 days ago by Rude

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