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7 Tough Legal Lessons for Crypto Entrepreneurs - CoinDesk
Useful while tongue in cheek: Key #legal #pitfalls that sloppy #cryptocurrency #entrepreneurs fall into (Switzerland won't save you)
ICO  crypto  currency  bitcoin  switzerland  case  lawsuit  court  review  analysis  prediction  entrepreneur  legal  structure  q1  2018  blockchain  startup  fraud  procedure 
yesterday by csrollyson
Immediate mode GUIs | Lambda the Ultimate
Discussion of immediate mode GUIs, functional reactive programming, etc.
14 days ago by amitp
New post (Living willow structure , , amazing! Gazebo) has been published on Best Images C…
Willow  Garden  Structure  from twitter
15 days ago by wotek
Standard Package Layout
Vendoring. Generics. These are seen as big issues in the Go community but there’s another issue that’s rarely mentioned — application package layout. Every Go application I’ve ever worked on appears…
golang  dev  tutorial  tips  structure 
17 days ago by flydown

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