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Host - The Atlantic
good article on the world of talk radio and the mechanics of on-air blowhards. often worth a re-read in the era of Alex jones et al.
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yesterday by aaronbeekay
The Open Notebook – How Rebecca Skloot Built The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Did you carry your concern about structure into this project, or was it something you developed as you wrestled with it?

No, I came to the book already fixated on structure. I did my MFA in nonfiction at the University of Pittsburgh, and Lee Gutkind, who was one of my professors there, taught a readings class where he constantly harped on structure. Every class, the first exercise we had to do with every piece we read was map out the structure. The first day of class we read an essay in class and his first question when we were done was, “What’s the structure of this piece?” We had no idea what he meant. And he wouldn’t tell us. He would just push us and push us, and people would randomly guess things … They’d say, “It’s a profile.” He’d say, “No, that’s not a structure.”

So I started watching a lot of movies structured like that and eventually found my way to “Hurricane,” about Hurricane Carter, the boxer. As I was watching it, I just freaked out because after the first few scenes I realized, Oh my God, this is the structure of my book. Three narratives braided together, a journey, etc. So I storyboarded that whole movie frame-by-frame on color-coded index cards (one color per narrative thread). I’d already mapped my own book out using the same three-colored index card scheme, and I’d mapped out a structure, but it wasn’t working. After I mapped out “Hurricane” I spread the cards out on a bed and put my book’s index cards on top of them, lining up the colors, to see how the film was braiding differently than I was. I immediately realized the problem with my structure was that it didn’t move around in time fast enough. That was the big lesson I learned from movies: that to make this kind of structure work, it has to move quickly. You can’t linger too long in any one time period or you lose the momentum of the other two.
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4 days ago by craniac
Introducing Trashy.css | CSS-Tricks
Vizualizace struktury dokumentu pomocí CSS
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7 days ago by garcon | Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn
The sequence in DNA differs from individual to individual and from species to species. For an analogy think of a library where all the books are in one language. In the library there are different books on different topics and subjects.
characteristics  of  genetic  code  dna  definition  biology  function  structure  and  example  table  properties  The  Headlines  Topic 
14 days ago by global.dwellers
Maunsell Forts - Wikipedia
The Maunsell Forts are armed towers built in the Thames and Mersey estuaries during the Second World War to help defend the United Kingdom. They were operated as army and navy forts, and named after their designer, Guy Maunsell.[1] The forts were decommissioned in the late 1950s and later used for other activities including pirate radio broadcasting.
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14 days ago by adegru
TXR Language
Pattern matching language, including grammars
programming  structure 
18 days ago by amitp
Joe Duffy - The Error Model
Error handling in programming systems
programming  structure 
19 days ago by amitp
Serverless folder structure - Serverless Framework - Serverless Forums
What is the recommended way to structure a serverless app using serverless-framework?
And in any service / how do i organise multiple functions?
BlogApp (My project folder)
|--users/ (this is the users service)
serverless  structure 
20 days ago by ninjakttty
Folder structure for multiple servies with shared library? - Serverless Framework - Serverless Forums
Lets say I have


Each service uses the same shared library. In TypeScript I pull in the service using

`import { ... } from '../shared'`

I h…
serverless  structure 
20 days ago by ninjakttty
Which is best folder/file structure to organize multiple functions of service in v1.0 · Issue #2372 · serverless/serverless
This is related to the serverlessv1.0 . I am opening this for discussion only. How we can organize multiple function in proper manner folder structure of multiple functions. 2, serverless.yml sample depedency of node_modules for particul...
serverless  structure 
20 days ago by ninjakttty
Hot metal : Pasteup :: Floats : CSS Grid - YouTube
Printing presses had text lined up in rows because that's how metal blocks worked, but photo-based layout freed magazines from that format. Jen Simmons argues that CSS grid will free us from the layouts that we've been using on the web for so long.
css  structure 
23 days ago by amitp

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