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It’s been getting harder for me to read things on my phone and my laptop. I’ve caught myself squinting and holding the screen closer to my face. I’ve worried that my eyesight is starting to go. via Pocket
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november 2016 by choppingblock
Adobe Project Felix aims to ease 3D compositing for designers - CNET
Adobe has a new trend of showing off "project" applications shortly before launching a basic-featured product -- think of Fall 2015's Project Comet, which became Adobe XD in Spring 2016. via Pocket
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november 2016 by choppingblock
Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Apple’s AirPods – Chris Messina – Medium
Ten years later, building on the dripping sex and rock and roll of the iPod (touched with a Bono ? no less!), Jobs revealed the iPhone and changed computing forever. Last week, Apple did it again, but for some reason, nearly everyone in Silicon Valley is confused about what just happened. via Pocket
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september 2016 by choppingblock
The Typekit Blog | Variable fonts, a new kind of font for flexible design
Just minutes ago, at the ATypI conference in Warsaw, the world was introduced to a new kind of font: a variable font. Jointly developed by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Adobe, a variable font is, as John Hudson put it, “a single font file that behaves like multiple fonts”. via Pocket
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september 2016 by choppingblock
Hello, everyone! This is the first installment in a regular series of researched and reported stories that @dave asked me to write about things of broad interest to the community. I'll be writing about Internet culture and quirky technology and language, among other things. via Pocket
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may 2016 by choppingblock
The Past, Present and Future of Adobe’s Design Tools — Habits of Introspection — Medium
After writing about Sketch a number of months ago, I reached out to Adobe with the hope that I could talk to someone there about design tools. via Pocket
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may 2016 by choppingblock
Design in Tech Report 2016 — Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
Last year, John Maeda published his inaugural #DesignInTech report to reveal the impact Design has made in Silicon Valley. Now, in his second annual report, Maeda doubles down by delving deep into design trends revolutionizing the entrepreneurial and corporate ecosystems. via Pocket
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march 2016 by choppingblock
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