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RavPower All-in-1 Filehub for Super Nimble Backup - The Digital Story
Photographers wishing to leave their laptops at home, but still wanting backup and image sharing on the road, may find the answer in the RavPower All-in-1 Filehub that's currently on sale for $45.99. The RavPower with a USB Flash drive at one end and SD card at the other. via Pocket
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november 2016 by choppingblock
How Apple's New MacBook Pros Compare To Microsoft's New Surface Studio | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Like an old rivalry brought back to life, the two competitors faced off in the ring this week. Microsoft held a press event on Wednesday in New York City to announce its new Surface Studio desktop computer and a new input device called the Dial. via Pocket
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october 2016 by choppingblock
The difference between backing up an iPhone to iCloud and iTunes | Macworld
Recently I was hiking in the Adirondacks with my iPhone in my pocket when I got caught in a torrential rain storm. I’m not a crazy case guy, so, as is always the, uh..., case, my iPhone was naked. I didn’t think was a problem. via Pocket
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september 2016 by choppingblock
Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Apple’s AirPods – Chris Messina – Medium
Ten years later, building on the dripping sex and rock and roll of the iPod (touched with a Bono ? no less!), Jobs revealed the iPhone and changed computing forever. Last week, Apple did it again, but for some reason, nearly everyone in Silicon Valley is confused about what just happened. via Pocket
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september 2016 by choppingblock
Viv, from Siri's creators, is the virtual assistant of your dreams
Siri made the world aware of the potential of virtual assistants, but several years after its release, it's still a bit basic. Siri can only do certain very specific tasks, and she doesn't play well with third-party services. via Pocket
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may 2016 by choppingblock
The Future Of Microsoft Office: Many Apps, Many Interfaces, Many Devices | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
More than a quarter of a century ago, Microsoft put a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation package, and an email client into one box and called it Microsoft Office. In doing so, it created the productivity suite as the world came to know it. via Pocket
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april 2016 by choppingblock

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