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Best Practices Building a CLI Tool for Your Service - The Zapier Engineering Blog | Zapier
To some, the command line is a relic of computing’s past. But as a developer tool, the command line is essential. Managing local processes and source control are often done through Command Line Interfaces (CLIs). In recent years, another kind of CLI has become popular, and it extends beyond...
best-practices  cli  tutorial 
3 days ago by gzfrancisco
sdmg15/Best-websites-a-programmer-should-visit: Some useful websites for programmers.
:link: Some useful websites for programmers. Contribute to sdmg15/Best-websites-a-programmer-should-visit development by creating an account on GitHub.
best-practices  list  programming  resources  development  reference 
9 weeks ago by gzfrancisco
Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API | Vinay Sahni
An API is a user interface for a developer. Learn the best practices to make an API that is easy to adopt and pleasant to use.
best-practices  tutorial  api 
9 weeks ago by gzfrancisco
Web API Design: 5 Best Practices to Know | Toptal
Web APIs that are cleanly-designed, well-documented, and easy-to-use are rare. Here’s how to design a great web API that is much more likely to be adopted and used.
guide  api  tutorial  best-practices 
9 weeks ago by gzfrancisco
ochococo/OOD-Principles-In-Swift: The Principles of OOD based on Uncle Bob articles.
The Principles of OOD based on Uncle Bob articles. - ochococo/OOD-Principles-In-Swift
architecture  best-practices  swift 
march 2019 by gzfrancisco
The 5 types of programmers
In my code journeys and programming adventures I’ve encountered many strange foes, and even stranger allies. I’ve identified at least five different kinds of code warriors, some make…
january 2013 by gzfrancisco
Your coding conventions are hurting you
If you take a walk in my hometown, and head for the center, you may stumble into a building like this: from a distance, it's a relatively pompous edifice, but as you get closer, you realize that the…
july 2012 by gzfrancisco

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