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Designing UX: Prototyping - SitePoint Premium
Make shareable, clickable prototypes in a matter of minutes. Develop user journeys, discover time saving tools, and dive into the detail of the prototyping process to save production costs, engage stakeholders and explore new ideas.
book  ux 
2 days ago by gzfrancisco
A Guerilla Usability Test on Dropbox Photos – Design Insights from Designer Fund Bridge – Medium
Dropbox is a great product, but a quick usability test reveals that people run into two critical issues with Dropbox’s Photos feature. (Tasks were determined based on essential needs of a photo…
Usability  UX  dropbox  testing  design 
may 2019 by gzfrancisco
Animations in iOS: 30 beautiful examples – Flawless App Stories – Medium
Some iOS animations are just magical. If you need inspiration for your next app, take a look at these animated transitions.
ux  animation  ios 
february 2019 by gzfrancisco

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