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Toggling Animations On and Off
Not everybody loves animations. To make them happy, give them the ability to easily turn animations on and off.
9 days ago
Accessible SVG Icons with Inline Sprites - 24 Accessibility
At a certain stage in a project, someone always says: ‘We need icons!' We need to ensure that people who can’t see or recognize these icons can understand their purpose.
6 weeks ago
Up to speed with web performance
The website of Hidde de Vries, freelance front-end developer.
10 weeks ago
Cloud Computing without Containers
We have a cloud computing platform called Workers. Unlike essentially every other cloud computing platform I know of, it doesn’t use containers or virtual machines. We believe that is the future of Serverless and cloud computing in general, and I’ll try to convince you why.
10 weeks ago
Editorial Layouts, Exclusions, and CSS Grid
A CSS Exclusions solution to a problem that Rob Weychert posed, with regards to floated elements and CSS Grid.
10 weeks ago
Designing, laws, and attitudes. — Ethan Marcotte
What would happen if the law required us to design fast websites?
10 weeks ago
Get References from HTML Built with Template Literals | CSS-Tricks
One thing JavaScript template literals are great at is little blocks of HTML. Like: // Probably from some API or whatever const data = { title: "Title",
10 weeks ago
Redesigning your product and website for dark mode — Stuff & Nonsense
If you’re reading this entry using Safari Technology Preview 68 on MacOS Mojave 10.14, and you’ve selected Dark appearance in System Preferences, you’ll notice that I’ve implemented a brand new dark mode version of my website. — Web design North Wales UK, website design and consultancy based in North Wales, offering design and art direction for businesses in North Wales, the UK, and worldwide.
10 weeks ago
Fun Tip: Use calc() to Change the Height of a Hero Component | CSS-Tricks
The concept of Fluid Typography was tossed around a couple of years ago. The main idea is that if you know what size your font is at two different
10 weeks ago
Bruce Lawson's personal site  : Screenreader support for text-level semantics
Bruce bangs on about web standards, accessibility, travel, music and politics.
10 weeks ago
Troy Hunt: Here's how I deal with managed platform outages
The other day, my blog went down: Sorry folks, blog is down for a bit while @TryGhost puts out the fire— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) September 15, 2016 Now clearly I don't like my blog going down but hey, this is technology and sometimes it fails
11 weeks ago
Understanding the difference between grid-template and grid-auto
With all the new properties related to CSS Grid Layout, one of the distinctions that always confused me was the difference between the grid-template-* and grid-auto-* properties. Specifically the difference between grid-template-rows/columns and grid-auto-rows/columns. Although I knew they were to do with the explicit and implicit grid systems,
11 weeks ago
Paul Miller — Using dark mode in CSS with MacOS Mojave
Paul Miller — entrepreneur. I make projects which help developers to build awesome things.
11 weeks ago
Concise Media Queries with CSS Grid
Write less CSS and organize responsive layouts with ease.
11 weeks ago
Using Feature Detection, Conditionals, and Groups with Selectors | CSS-Tricks
CSS is designed in a way that allows for relatively seamless addition of new features. Since the dawn of the language, specifications have required
11 weeks ago
Adactio: Journal—Service workers and videos in Safari
Diagnosing a video playback issue in Safari, thanks to a timely blog post.
12 weeks ago
Fancy Border Radius Generator
A visual generator to build organic looking shapes with the help of CSS3 border-radius property
12 weeks ago
How to stop using console.log() and start using your browser’s debugger
Breakpoints, Watch Expressions, Step Through and Over, Check Variable Values, Apply Fixes.
12 weeks ago
Firefox 63 - Tricks and Treats! - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
Firefox 63 comes with some long-awaited treats: an implementation of web components, including custom elements and the shadow DOM. Potch also covers the Fonts Editor, the associated font panel in ...
12 weeks ago
Why would you write your own JavaScript library instead of using an established project? | Go Make Things
In response to my article about writing your own vanilla JS helper library, reader Vince Panuccio wrote me to ask (shared with permission):
Is it wise to tell developers to write their own stuff from scratch all the time? Lodash doesn’t have to be big, you can perform a custom build with lodash include=filter,map and just get the functions you need. You get the benefit of a well maintained code base, cross browser compatibility and a community behind it.
12 weeks ago
Breaking the Grid -
Two ways to break CSS Grid and how to fix it
october 2018
Moving efficiently in the CLI
A cheatsheet for moving efficiently in the CLI!
september 2018
Whatever Happened to the Semantic Web?
In 2001, Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, published an article in Scientific American.
september 2018
The "Developer Experience" Bait-and-Switch | Infrequently Noted
TL;DR: we cannot continue to use as much JavaScript as is now "normal" and expect the web to flourish. At the same time, most developers experience no
september 2018
Variable Fonts Arrive in Firefox 62 – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Firefox 62 adds support for Variable Fonts, an exciting new technology that makes it possible to create beautiful typography with a single font file. Variable fonts are now supported in ...
september 2018
The Ecological Impact of Browser Diversity | CSS-Tricks
Early in my career when I worked at agencies and later at Microsoft on Edge, I heard the same lament over and over: "Argh, why doesn’t Edge just run on
august 2018
I Don’t Believe in Full-Stack Engineering • Robin Rendle
Robin Rendle is a designer from the UK and this is where he writes about publishing, networks and books.
august 2018
Floating labels are problematic – Simple = Human – Medium
We’re often seduced by novel design patterns that save space, but the floating label problematic. Find out why…
may 2017
User Facing State | CSS-Tricks
Let's talk about state. Communicating state to the user that is, not application stores state in JavaScript objects, or localStorage. We're going to be tal
may 2017
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